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E-learning has come to dominate the strategic thinking of people over the past decade in several countries and also has a high growth potential in Pakistan.It helps students understand better and saves their time. Learning through animated videos provides better understanding and strong concepts.

Iman Ali and Momin the eccentric duo of co-leads, Hassan, the outlaw, Ayaan the hopeless romantic and Kahkshaan the Grande Dame; there you have it. A classic Lollywood action-romance set amidst the grandeur of the 90’s. I just had to put team Galaxy Lollywood into fictional characters; can you blame me though? The team was literally named after a cinematic masterpiece by God Himself. The picture I just portrayed is the behind-the-scene image of the very quirky startup that is Galaxy Lollywood.

In the last decade, travelling has witnessed a major shift by leveraging technology. But with new tech advancements right around the corner, more is to come. TravelTech has become a hot new industry, and there are plenty of startups with innovative new ideas on how to change the way we travel and enhance the experience for tourists and travel enthusiasts.