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Pakistan’s leading technology and entrepreneurial event, Momentum Tech Conference 2019, took place in Karachi recently. This event holds the credit for bringing together the entire eco-sphere of technology, start-ups, investors, incubators, and other stakeholders under one roof. 


E-learning has come to dominate the strategic thinking of people over the past decade in several countries and also has a high growth potential in Pakistan.It helps students understand better and saves their time. Learning through animated videos provides better understanding and strong concepts.

Iman Ali and Momin the eccentric duo of co-leads, Hassan, the outlaw, Ayaan the hopeless romantic and Kahkshaan the Grande Dame; there you have it. A classic Lollywood action-romance set amidst the grandeur of the 90’s. I just had to put team Galaxy Lollywood into fictional characters; can you blame me though? The team was literally named after a cinematic masterpiece by God Himself. The picture I just portrayed is the behind-the-scene image of the very quirky startup that is Galaxy Lollywood.

In the last decade, travelling has witnessed a major shift by leveraging technology. But with new tech advancements right around the corner, more is to come. TravelTech has become a hot new industry, and there are plenty of startups with innovative new ideas on how to change the way we travel and enhance the experience for tourists and travel enthusiasts.

     Buying and selling of goods online is known as e-commerce. While the first e-commerce store became operational in the mid 90’s, the trend to shop online took its time in catching up. The fact that most of us want to physically see things before buying them, is a mindset that the online stores have had to struggle with. Add to that the common online scamming, people have always been suspicious of online stores and there has been an air of uncertainty while making purchases, further complicating the equation.

     Gone are the days when people headed to travel agencies to plans their travels. Everyone had to rely on the agents to select everything, from their mode of traveling to the places   they’ll stay at, down to the sights they’ll see; all was planned well in advance. Today, trips can be planned in the spur of the moment as any information, which might be might be required is easily available on the internet. Hotels and travel agencies have now started providing guidance to travelers online, ensuring that they are able to deal with their clients living in the digital age.

Education has always held a lot of importance, irrespective of where you belong from, what your religion is or what society you are a part of. As everything is innovating, it is only fitting that education too, gets affected by this.

 FashionTech, it sounds like a paradox. The fusion of two things which are poles apart has resulted in creating an entirely new genre, which is becoming increasingly popular among the masses. Even though most products which fall under this category were introduced in relation to health or accessibility, the design soon became the focus and as most of the gadgets were wearables, the fashion industry dove in to create products which would not only be smart but would also look trendy.

The 3 Day Startup kicked off on 3rd November, 2017 at the Arfa Software Technology Park. We hosted the event in collaboration with 3 Day Startup, and it proved to be quite a success.
3 Day Startup is a program designed to provide entrepreneurs hands-on help on how to start their own business. Participants are handpicked by the organizers after registration and only a handful are picked to attend as the whole idea is for everyone to get attention.