Travel Tech: Revolutionizing tourism

Monday, December 11, 2017

     Gone are the days when people headed to travel agencies to plans their travels. Everyone had to rely on the agents to select everything, from their mode of traveling to the places   they’ll stay at, down to the sights they’ll see; all was planned well in advance. Today, trips can be planned in the spur of the moment as any information, which might be might be required is easily available on the internet. Hotels and travel agencies have now started providing guidance to travelers online, ensuring that they are able to deal with their clients living in the digital age.

We no longer worry about traveling and this, we owe to travel tech. Startups like AirBnB and TripAdvisor have made travel safe and easy for everyone around the world. Not only, has travel tech had an impact on international traveling, it has also made a contribution when it comes to mobilizing local travel. More often than not, people find it impossible to plan trips locally.

 In Pakistan, for example, you have to either travel with a group or risk the traveling without having any advance bookings. The fact that most of our tourist areas are remote and have little information online, can be extremely problematic. Whenever we plan a trip locally, we rely on the advice of friends or relatives when it comes to looking for a place to stay or spots to visit.

This however, is changing, Pakistani startups like GoGhoom and Qayaam are providing people the option to make advance bookings as well as understand the culture of the area you hope to visit. More importantly, with Google Maps and Google Trips, one can explore any country or city with ease.

     In a world that is constantly innovating, Travel Tech has been really making a difference. Convenience has always been the most important thing when you start planning a trip. Initially, we would worry about having a comfortable journey and carrying all our essentials with us but with access to various gadgets, that is no longer an issue.

   We have cellphones to always remain in touch, trackers to ensure safety, smartphones and lightweight laptops/notebooks to handle our businesses remotely, power banks to always keep our phones and laptops always charged, travel drones to record each moment of our trip and so much more. This is the best era to travel in, our options are endless and every day, the world is become more accessible.