Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is Plan9?
Plan9 is Pakistan’s largest technology incubator. Just like an ‘incubator’, we provide an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship and business development. In short, we are a catalyst for new businesses and help early­stage tech startups grow and thrive into successful and self-sustainable businesses.
2. What is the duration of incubation?
Each incubation cycle is of six months.
3. How do I apply for incubation?
Applications for incubation are opened one month prior to the start of the incubation cycle. Online application forms are available on our website's The Launchpad tab. Click on 'Apply Now!' button to fill out the detailed form and submit it to complete your application.
4. What is the eligibility criteria?
To be eligible:
a) You have to be a Pakistani citizen. 
b) Must be ABOVE 18 years to be eligible to apply.
c) Startups need to have a product-based business idea with a tech component.
d) Startup should be able to present a mockup/wire-frame/prototype of the product.
e) Startup needs to have a strong, self-motivated and skillful team of 2 members at least (1 CEO and 1 CTO).
f) Founder should not be employed elsewhere so to commit the upcoming 6 months (9-5 p.m.) to his/her startup at Plan9
5. What business ideas qualify to be incubated?
As aforementioned, Plan9 is a technology incubator. Your business idea must be product based and have a tech component; it could be e­commerce, computer vision technologies or just about anything related to tech. We support sustainable and scalable business models that have the potential to survive after the initial incubation time.
6. How many people can be in a team?
Each team can have 2 - ­5 members. It is necessary to have a team of at least 2 members for you to apply.
7. Can team members be changed or added during the incubation process?
In order to ensure a firm team structure, we expect that you gather and form your ideal team during the first month of your incubation. Following that, team members may only be changed or added based on the approval of Plan9 management.
8. Does the selected team need to be present at the incubation facility?
Yes, all members of the selected team need to be physically present at the incubator facility (Level 9, ASTP) during office hours on all working days. In case of failure to comply, Plan9 management has the right to deduct a portion from your monthly stipend.
9. What facilities are provided at Plan9?
The facilities offered are: 
• Free office space 
• Stipend per team member 
• Uninterrupted power supply and internet connectivity
 • Mentoring 
• Training and workshops
 • Legal Advice • Channels for funding opportunities
 • Connection with potential customers/clients
10. What does Plan9 expect in return from selected teams?
Absolutely nothing! Plan9 is funded by the Government of the Punjab and expects no equity in your startup. Our job is to make sure you flourish.
11. Where is it based? What about people in other cities?
Plan9 is based on the 9th floor of Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore. It is a nationwide initiative, so teams from all over Pakistan are called to participate. For non-residents of Lahore, re-location is evidently troublesome, but you’ll get the reward in the longer run.
12. What will happen to us after six months?
Upon graduation, you become a member of the Plan9 Alumni Network; it strengthens the relationship between Plan9 and its successfully graduated startups and aims to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive. When you graduate from Plan9, your initial idea will ideally be transformed into a sustainable business. The networking you do and the contacts you build during incubation will help you in future. Teams which chalk out a proper investors plan and exit strategy, may receive funding from Plan9 Angels Club.
13. What is the selection procedure for incubation?
The step-wise selection procedure is:
• Acceptance of online applications
• Shortlisting of selected teams
• Invitation to shortlisted teams to attend the Plan9 Launchpad
• Rating by panel of judges
• Selection of the top scoring teams for incubation
14. What is a Launchpad?
Launchpad is a two day event for selection of teams for incubation at Plan9; it is held at Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Day 1: Applicants pitch, scoring by a Panel of Judges, Results Announced. Day 2: Shortlisted applicants receive mentoring, develop product prototype (if required) and prepare final presentations. Final Presentations are made by shortlisted teams that are rated by a Panel of Judges and selected teams are incubated.
15. Does Plan9 provide funding to incubated startups?
No, Plan9 does not provide financial funding to the startups. We create channels of potential funding for our startups. As an incubated startup, you get the opportunity to pitch to Plan9 Angel Investors Club and seek angel investment. We also connect you to other potential investors.
16. Does Plan9 assist in hiring new team members or interns?
Yes, Plan9 facilitates the hiring process for its incubated startups and Alumni. We announce the vacancies and guide you in conducting interviews.
17. In what ways does Plan9 provide us with networking opportunities?
Plan9 provides immense networking opportunities: 
• Access to mentors and industry experts 
• Access to investors 
• Opportunity to attend international conferences
18. What is Plan9 'Fellowship'?
Plan9 Fellowship is an internship program for students to work with the Plan9 Management and our incubated startups.