- Reaching New Heights of Success

Haajira Ghauri
Thursday, December 16, 2021

Recently,, one of Plan9’s alumni startups from the third cycle raised a Series A investment worth $7.5 million. This round was co-led by Zayn Capital, Lakson VC and Dubai based Hayaat Global. Founded back in 2012, is the pioneer e-ticketing platform of Pakistan and by far the largest.

What started out as a platform for booking cinema tickets has now expanded to events, transport and airfare. They have partnered with multiple banks, payment platforms, expos, sports events and recently this year they collaborated with HBL to enable a convenient and hassle free purchasing experience for their customers to book tickets for domestic and international airlines, bus terminals, touchpoints and more to provide ease for customers. They are now expanding towards an end-to-end logistic solution system that will make intercity cargo delivery faster and at much cheaper rates. 

How did this startup capture almost the entire market share in such a short span of time? Its success can be attributed to the vision and strategy of its founder Faizan Aslam, an aspiring entrepreneur of Pakistan. Faizan identified the opportunity in this space at a very early stage. He set out to solve the issue of people waiting in long ques and not being able to get tickets of their preference. He claims that is not a just a booking app or website but a platform that has revolutionized e-ticketing in Pakistan. He along with his team members are on a journey to make bookings and reservations at the click of a button. 

Over a span of 8 years has garnered a user base of more than 6 million and have shown exceptional growth even through the COVID pandemic. We are very proud of the accomplishments of this alumni startup and wish Faizan and his team even more success in the future.