A Better Solution Than Tuition

Maryam Khalid
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

E-learning has come to dominate the strategic thinking of people over the past decade in several countries and also has a high growth potential in Pakistan.It helps students understand better and saves their time. Learning through animated videos provides better understanding and strong concepts.

Exam Bites is one such sculpt of e-learning. It was the intent of a student whose own story involves low grades. CEO Exam Bites, Mamoon Sharif, started working on this initiative when he once failed a test merely because his concepts were not clear. He started off with a team of 6 people bound to change the concept of rote learning in our educational system which eventually leads the students to encode information into memory without understanding what they’re being taught. Exam Bites is currently incubated in Plan9, PITB’s Technology Incubator. Mamoon has faced a lot of difficulties in his mission understandably, but he stood strong and his continuous hard work made him win the best Education Tech startup award at Ilm Ideas 2 showcase.

He started his startup in December 2017, Mamoon said, "To me rote learning is merely a tool students use prior to their exams, and it might be beneficial for just that. In the longer run, the acquisition of knowledge becomes hollow without the basic understanding of the subject matter. I realized this when I failed a test because my concepts on binary operations were not clear. Rote learning is synonymous to crossing a bridge made out of sharpened swords, it gets you to the other end but you suffer nonetheless’.’

He further added that he was inspired by the Finland education model where the students do not have a strict curriculum, no exams for the initial years, and all they have to do is focus on learning at their own pace without the fear of failure. Exambites is offering courses for grades 9th, 10th and O levels. It is a specialist e-learning system, where a team of highly skilled instructors, designers and animators come together to create catchy and easy to understand content. Using 2D/3D Animations and simulations, video lectures are created to be played in classrooms to help students understand in interesting and informative ways.

They deliver online lectures to the students as well as provide personalized pen drives that work offline to deliver the best possible education, without depending on internet connection. Another one of their features is dual audio solution to help students learn different languages. Currently they have created animated explainer videos of grade 9th and 10th in Urdu/Hindi, English and are soon planning to scale this globally by adding Arabic, Turkish and Chinese.

Exambites is bound to change the way people see education. They are already making waves in the Ed-tech domain in Pakistan and we wish to see them go global with their initiative in the future.

Know more about Exambites - Official Website, Facebook, Instagram