Plan9's Alumni Clean Sweeps at Momentum 2019

Rimsha Ashraf
Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pakistan’s leading technology and entrepreneurial event, Momentum Tech Conference 2019, took place in Karachi recently. This event holds the credit for bringing together the entire eco-sphere of technology, start-ups, investors, incubators, and other stakeholders under one roof. 

Every year Momentum gathers influencers from tech industry, leading entrepreneurs, and provides the biggest platform to the start-ups. Two days of intense dose of technology and exposure to entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan is highlighted through talks, workshops, and interactive mentorship sessions. Last but not least, Momentum supports budding start-ups to raise investment.

 "The Momentum Tech Conference was conceived of as a platform that understands the Pakistani market and has the capacity to revolutionize the eco-system to support Pakistani entrepreneurs." –Founder, Amir Jafri 

This year Plan9 is honored with the participation of three of our platform’s best chosen startups on making their way to Momentum. Every year, 'Start-up 100 Challenge' selects ten local tech start-ups, who present their ideas before panel of successful entrepreneurs and investors. Out of these 10 startups, three startups win prize money of Rs. 5, 3 and 2 lacs. This year, Plan9's Alumni startups scored the top three positions at the event. These startups started their auspicious journey at Plan9 many cycles ago and we are proud to see them succeed. 

Since 2012, Plan9 is running on the vision of instilling the culture of tech entrepreneurship and achieving sustainable growth for early stage start-ups by providing opportunities to create commercially viable technology start-ups from Pakistan, along with initiatives like Momentum, the time is very close to globally acknowledge Pakistan as a best tech eco system beyond any question.

EyeAutomate  is a Plan9 Alumni, from cycle 9. Shahzad Younas and his team stood first in the competition and won Rs. 500,000 prize. EyeAutomate is a company engaged in solving mobility problems of the disabled community around the world. They have developed multiple controls to drive electric wheelchairs to provide mobility to those who are not able to move due to stroke, paralysis, injury and accident. They are currently working in increasing their product line and launching a rehab store. 

 “When we came into Plan9 for incubation, we were unfamiliar with the term entrepreneurship. We were bunch of kids trying to build on our Final Year Project. Everything we learned about entrepreneurship was at Plan9. Adding on Momentum is a great initiative by Jaffri brothers to bring local and international tech industry under one roof. For EyeAutomate, we were excited to showcase our product in front of thousands of people, media channels and investors.Shahzad Younas - Founder EyeAutomate.




GoGhoom owned by the sole founder Haseeb Sattar, is a local travel booking site.  They won the second postion and won Rs. 300,000 at Momentum 2019. They were incubated in the 2013 in the very first cycle of Plan9. Since then their mission is “to share with you the best of travel experiences and facilitate you with the best travel services in the country”

   It was Plan9 that made me determined enough to stick to my idea and today we have the most trusted travel platform in Pakistan. Also, Momentum proved to be a great transition for me as I love the idea of all investors and one place. Currently, I am in talks with 3 other investors who I connected with at Momentum.” Haseeb Sattar - Founder GoGhoom




Lastly, Muhammad Nabeel, founder of Edvon Robotics was awarded the third spot and won Rs. 200,000 prize. Edvon Robotics has the mission to bring the educational reform in developing countries by making STEM based robotics education as a part of the curriculum. 

The best thing about Plan9 was the mentorship program and strong network of experts that made me the entrepreneur in the truest way. However Momentum inculcated in me the spirit of being a winner and gave me a great chance to display my talent”  Muhammad Nabeel - Founder Edvon Robotics




We look forward to next years event and hope to see other such companies taking inspiration to launch other such conferences in the country. It helps inspire and encourage future entrepreneurs and technologists to develop innovations that revolutionize the entire tech industry, eventually benefiting the economy of Pakistan.