EDTech: How technology is impacting learning?

Mehak Najam
Friday, November 17, 2017

Education has always held a lot of importance, irrespective of where you belong from, what your religion is or what society you are a part of. As everything is innovating, it is only fitting that education too, gets affected by this.

For years, we have followed the same educational pattern, as the world has evolved and technology has become a more integral part of our lives, the field of education is also being revamped. In this era, the idea for anything to be out of reach is alien, the fact that we can enroll in various college courses from all over the world is a testament to how much the education system has changed.

Previously, people had to relocate in order to get admission in the institution of their choice but now, various top notch universities offer online degrees and long distance learning has become quite common. Students today are not only connected to their teacher and fellow students but can also communicate with people from all over the world. This kind of exchange is extremely beneficial as more and more knowledge is being disseminated and people are able to come up with new innovative ideas through discussion and brainstorming.

The days when students would carry large books and heavy bags around the college premises are gone. Tablets and smartphones have replaced hardcopies. Most people purchase online versions of books and rely on their smart devices for information as these are handy and efficient.

While we are seeing startups in this domain, it is important to know that success within this area will take time. Education has been a business for as long as we can remember and to expect that people will suddenly get on-board, disregarding a system that has been in place forever, is wishful thinking. EdTech is looking to change the fundamental way in which people acquire education, it wants to tailor education according to the needs of individuals and this will take a long time to turn into reality.

With EdTech getting as much importance as it is, it is safe to say that once popular, it will ensure that the future generations will be fluent in all things tech. Right now, we can rely on startups to reach out to schools as well as students and try to change their mindset when it comes to obtaining education online.

Currently, despite the fact that people are technologically aware, a huge population is ignorant about online platforms of learning and those who do know about these, hardly trust them enough to enroll. In order to change this perception, people will have to be educated about the merits of EdTech and how it can add convenience to lives of students as well as digitize school systems.

For now, the best we can do is support EdTech startups and encourage people to come forward with their ideas. You never know, one of them might change the way our education system works!