E-commerce: Bringing the store to you!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

     Buying and selling of goods online is known as e-commerce. While the first e-commerce store became operational in the mid 90’s, the trend to shop online took its time in catching up. The fact that most of us want to physically see things before buying them, is a mindset that the online stores have had to struggle with. Add to that the common online scamming, people have always been suspicious of online stores and there has been an air of uncertainty while making purchases, further complicating the equation.

Today, however, most people would not know what to do without the digital marketplace. As lives become busier day by day, shopping online, only seems the most convenient solution. Most brands have set up shops online and have featured all their products so that the customers are able to, not only buy products, but also survey all that is available.

The best thing about online shopping is that you are able to buy everything from the comfort of your home. With time, reliable e-commerce stores have emerged and people have taken full advantage of this accessibility. What’s more is that most competitors, in order to attract customers, most stores always have special discount deals on; prompting the buyer to make the purchase.

Going to the store to verify the authenticity of the product is no longer an issue, most digital market places have already won the trust of their target audience and offer great return policies, making the buyer feel safe. Moreover, e-commerce has made brands more accessible. No matter where you are in the world, your favorite brand is just a click away.

     The development of Pakistan’s ecosystem has been nothing short of exemplary and the recent boost, through partnerships and investments, has just added to its value. Every day we hear about new technologies and how entrepreneurs aim to change the current, normal course of life. But the startup scene has more to it than just technology, while most of the E-commerce businesses are doing quite well, there is something lacking in their overall strategy.

    In Pakistan, the concept of online shopping has become very acceptable and people do rely on the services of e-commerce startups but the problem with the current model is that there is no innovation. Most E-commerce startups are focused on providing only one kind of service and that too, only to select areas.

While it is understandable that they are not operating on a very large scale, the fact that not one of them is bringing anything new to the table is alarming. The current focus is solely on making money through the standard model but what startups fail to realize is that this will only impact their businesses negatively.

There is a vacuum in the e-commerce industry, waiting to be filled. If e-commerce startups realize and focus on the value of customer service and providing quality products/services, this will take them a long way and will no doubt get them some very loyal customers. Giants like Amazon and Alibaba should be their role models and establishing their credibility should be the first task on their list.

     The most important thing the e-commerce startups can focus on is customer service. This is a notion, unheard of in Pakistan and at times, it seems like a miracle that some of the businesses are doing as well as they are doing. Making an effort to provide customers with excellent service is bound to drive them in coming back to you again.