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Hira Zahid
Monday, March 4, 2019

Iman Ali and Momin the eccentric duo of co-leads, Hassan, the outlaw, Ayaan the hopeless romantic and Kahkshaan the Grande Dame; there you have it. A classic Lollywood action-romance set amidst the grandeur of the 90’s. I just had to put team Galaxy Lollywood into fictional characters; can you blame me though? The team was literally named after a cinematic masterpiece by God Himself. The picture I just portrayed is the behind-the-scene image of the very quirky startup that is Galaxy Lollywood.
The first time I was in conversation with Momin, I couldn’t help but think the guy is the living persona of everything cinematic; Witty, quirky, upbeat and eccentric to say the least (I was waiting for a flash mob to appear any second and do a dance number behind him!). Momin describes Galaxy Lollywood as a passion project turned startup. He was rather proud of the fact that he was able to bring together Lollywood enthusiasts from all around the world.
“I was always a film enthusiast. My earliest memory is accompanying my aunt to watch Tere Pyaar Mein back in 2000For as long as I can remember I have wanted people to perceive Lollywood the same as Hollwood or Bollywood.'' 
What started primarily as a film blog has now expanded into multiple avenues. While most people had given up on Pakistani cinema and were relying on all things Hollwood and Bollywood, Momin was dreaming of the revival of cinema in Pakistan. He saw potential in our movie industry when everyone else saw despair.

The year 2015 was when The Galaxy Lollywood Awards made their debut. The aim was to uplift and recognize talent without biases or influence from third parties. The results are a consolidation of votes by the general public; Awards of the people, for the people and by the people. They plan on hosting a dinner for the awardees this time around slowly building up to one day having the award show on a grand level. ‘One take’ was another such avenue that Momin ventured into via Galaxy Lollywood; a cringe free insight into the lives of the industry hotshots. He plans on continuing this venture once their Youtube channel goes live. 
They started off with 3 articles per month, today they are publishing three articles in a day, and each one with enticing content about the who's who of the Lollywood world. A YouTube channel is in the works as they move towards creating video content. Momin was hopeful he will soon be able to venture into collaborations with films and other digital media companies. They are currently incubated at Plan9. Momin looks at this opportunity as the spearhead that will launch Galaxy Lollywood further into the realms of success. 
Galaxy Lollywood has an energetic and dynamic team, high on personality running it, and it is reflective on the content they are sending out. They are already big on social media and with a constant output of interactive and entertaining content spilling the beans on all things Lollywood, we are very excited to see what they have in store for the future. 




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About The Writer: 
Hira is a Plan9 fellow. A bio-medical scientist by profession, she spends her time watching medical documentaries and is a self-proclaimed Couch Potato.