What is Whizkids?

The vision of the WhizKids initiative lies in empowering the youth and giving kids a platform to help them think outside the box. It is an initiative of Punjab Information Technology Board that stems from our belief in the talent, ability and potential of the youth of Pakistan. The program integrates school kids from every background to our technological entrepreneurship eco-system by preparing future leaders and job-makers.





Teacher's Training

A for Youth


Studentary Meetup







Summer & Winter Camp

The sought after summer and winter camps are 4 weeks of learning and integration within the tech eco-system for the students. With the aim to help students spend their summer holidays in a fun and learning based environment through a variation of crash courses ranging from a 101 on the maker-space community to robotics to conserving the environment, the summer and winter camps are a regular for our WhizKids.



The Makeathon is a two day event running parallel to Plan9 flagship event – The Launchpad, filled with fun activities for our WhizKids. With amazing partners like DIY Geeks and Makeistan and many more, the 2-day event comprising of fun and learning based activities tailored specifically for the interest of our target market. We have activities ranging from IoT Trainings to a Robotic War. Our main aim lies in empowering the youth to become self-sufficient as well as promote entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

Makeistan Roadshow

Our latest undertaking is a road-show which would have us go to different educational institutions and conducting workshops customized to the particular needs of the students. This road-show in collaboration with Makeistan will have us stopping over various educational institutions in Lahore. The road-show will culminate with an expo of the top 3 projects from each school at Arfa Software Technology Park.



We get the students and the entrepreneurs together for a talk. This interesting group paves way for interesting conversation as well as a diverse ideas coming out and mutual learning. These meet-ups are held according to the particular requirements of the student body of the school.


A for Youth Meetups

In collaboration with A for Youth, we conduct meet-ups for kids at Arfa Software Technology Park. The feel of these meet-ups is one of kicking back and cooling down after a hectic academic schedule. From stand-up comedy to giving face to ones wildest imagination, these meet-ups aim to put the WhizKids in a varied environment from the curriculum provided in schools.


Our WhizKids internship program aids us in placing the students into the entrepreneurial eco-system of Pakistan. The internship program ranges from 2 weeks – 2 months and places the student with aspiring entrepreneurs to witness a startups journey from scratch. Our organization model allows us to give a diverse and wide range of internship opportunities for the students and they are integrated in the organization keeping in mind their particular preference set.


Teacher Training

Our training are not limited to students. With the goal to have create a sustainable impact in the growth processes of the student body, we conduct workshops with the teachers to add new dimensions to the curriculum that they offer at educational institutions.


                                                                 AGE GROUP WISE WORKSHOPS

10 years to 13 years

• Ideation,• Introduction to Scratch (software),• Building from Scratch,• Introduction to Entrepreneurship

14 years to 15 years

• Introduction to Graphic Designing,• Ideation,• Product Design and Product Making,• Building from Scratch,• Introduction to Ardino IDE,• Introduction to Scratch

16 years to 18 years

• Arduino,• Graphic Designing,• Do-it-Yourself Robotic-kit,• Building from Scratch,• Product Design and Making,• Business Modeling,• Rapid Prototyping








Knowledge Discovery
Age Group Wise Workshops
  • Ideation
  • Scratch (software)
  • Build from Scratch
  • Legomindsotrm
  • Arduino
  • Design
  • Photography
9 Years to 12 YearsIcon
Icon13 Years to 17 Years
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ideation
  • Business Modeling
  • Arduino
  • App Development
  • Freelance
  • Graphic Design
  • Coding