Sahr Said

Friday, October 21, 2016

“You, me and everybody else reading this wants to look beautiful and stunning in our everyday routine, no matter what it takes.
I realized this while I was doing my MBA from Cornell University, for I was exposed to a number of beauty apps that my friends and I were using out of habit. I was utterly amazed to see how they had such a captivating effect on its users, especially among the female category who found solace in them looking gorgeous. With time, understanding the worth of these apps, I would question myself as to why such apps did not take flight in my country. With this as my ulterior motive, I graduated from my University and with a degree of such supreme importance in today’s world, I left the US and went back to my country with the motto of building an innovative Tech product through Beauty Hooked that truly empowered women. The beauty industry is an industry lead by women, from salon owners and the staff that works for them to the women who use their services. Beauty Hooked promotes beauty entrepreneurs and empowers them to grow their businesses. On the other hand, our users are busy women achievers (most of them being working women or students), and having such a platform saves them time. With my education teaching me the true sense of leadership and governance, I was authorized enough to make the main goal for Beauty Hooked to empower beauty entrepreneurs to grow their business and the consumers to feel good and look good at the same time.
With the world tormenting me for going back to Pakistan and wasting a degree that many take a lifetime to achieve, I came back with budding ideas in my mind of giving women the authority to write their own fate in the business world via Beauty Hooked. Therefore, in a year’s time I took Beauty Hooked from being my brain child to Pakistan’s one of the first female run Tech Startup that secured VC funding in the country. Today, I take pride not in this establishment but in the fact that I kicked off women endowment.” –Sahr Said, Co-founder Beauty Hooked