Tooba Shams
Saturday, February 15, 2020

“When I was in college, I knew that after graduation I would be finding a nice job for myself. The idea of starting a business in apparel and fashion stemmed as a class project from university where we both studied together and later on graduated while harbouring our startup along with full time day jobs to gain the experience needed for certain roles to be executed. Also, I used to design clothes for my family living abroad, on the flipside getting a job in the industry meant the world for me especially after putting myself through university through scholarships as well as working in the library there, but I realized that my passion to design clothes was what always dragged me to the markets and kept me involved in it. Osaed was always into sales and had a nose for business, it’s a simple formula for anything if the quality of the product is top notch- it is going to sell. It would be wrong to admit that the fear of big giants in the industry can be over whelming sometimes, but we knew that we had to take a leap of faith so we launched Keshia in 2018 and in the cluster of digital e-commerce business, our focus remains on the quality, the designs and immaculate customer service.
We started our work in 2016 which involved trading and developing our online platform, initially funding it minimally out of our own pockets. We gave our project a kick start by selling our first line of Pret that I had designed and were able to sell both locally and internationally. Ever since then, we have reinvested and grown and have also been able to receive funding and currently stand at a team of 7 individuals.
To be honest running a business in itself is a challenge and if I say with your spouse its always two extreme ends, it can be a dream come true spending each day with your favourite person, all the smiles pursuing goals together or it can also be a living nightmare with all the disagreements, financial crisis and decision making.
We believe that we have found our happy medium, with our roles defined and giving each others opinion’s respect it has made us grow in a way we never imagined and we never though we would be standing here together someday.” Kehkashan and Osaed Founders Keshia