FashionTech: We are what we wear

Friday, November 17, 2017

 FashionTech, it sounds like a paradox. The fusion of two things which are poles apart has resulted in creating an entirely new genre, which is becoming increasingly popular among the masses. Even though most products which fall under this category were introduced in relation to health or accessibility, the design soon became the focus and as most of the gadgets were wearables, the fashion industry dove in to create products which would not only be smart but would also look trendy.

In the past, the extent of technology’s involvement in fashion was for brands to be online. Having a designated website and presence on social media, connected them to their customers and through they could generate engagement and publicity. Today, however, fashion is moving beyond this.

         Fashion tech means anything that either combines ‘fashion’ in its traditional sense, clothing or accessories or that targets the fashion industry and technology. As a result it is    very broad! From wearables to software and everything in between! Perhaps its most defining feature is the passionate community that has emerged in support of this movement. –  Danielle Lewis, Founder & CEO of

Technology is intrinsically, changing the way fashion industry operates. Relying more on data to analyze business decisions as well as providing an excellent customer experience to the buyers. Most fashion houses want to have data which can help them assist their customers more efficiently and for that they turn to tech, in order to keep records on all their customers.

Apart from allowing brands to have real-time information on their customers, technology has begun to provide the fashion industry with options which were previously unheard of. Ever noticed how the advertisement on your web browser or FB matches whatever product you have been looking for? This is just the beginning of how technology will dominate our fashion choices.

Having that kind of easy access to your favorite shoes or dress, no one will turn a blind eye to that. Not to mention the fact that ever since fashion brands have become digitally available, their sales have soared. Most of the brands available online are reasonably priced, giving everyone the chance to be fashion forward.

From our clothes to our accessories, FashionTech has covered everything. We have smart watches, smart jewelry and now we even have clothes which can be set according to our preferences. It comes as no surprise that fashion brands joining forces with the techies and giving us, the users, a chance to opt for smart technology wrapped while looking chic.

        Fashion and technology are increasingly merging and overlapping. Technology is coming to be viewed as an accessory? It’s expressive in that way. – Amanda Freeman

So serious is the startup world about FashionTech that incubators and accelerators, dedicated to this field have opened up. New York Fashion Tech Lab and Fashion Tech Accelerator are two prominent names in this area who are focusing all their energy on entrepreneurs venturing into this new and exciting space!

We can’t wait for our local entrepreneurs to come up with some exciting blend of tech and fashion. We’ll surely be the first ones to buy it!