Sunday, May 21, 2017

Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens for you.”— Jim Carrey

Success is not measured on the days when the sun shines. It is measured when the days are dark and the nights are stormy.

The best thing that can happen to you is hitting the rock bottom.

           That ugliest failure.

           That devastating financial loss.

           That loss of a loved one.

           That life shattering illness.

           That worst heart break.

Anything and everything that has gone wrong in your life is actually The Right thing in your life.

History proves that.

It’s almost impossible to find anyone who achieved massive success without hitting the rock bottom. Anybody who has done anything big in life, has gone through suffering of some sort.

Going through that pain is essential for your success. For it is the pain, the suffering, the sorrow that makes you stronger.

It is in this breaking point that you discover your own self. You get to know what you’re made of.

If you can’t absorb failure, if you can’t master the breaking point, you’ll never achieve massive success in whatever you do. You can be good, but you can never be great unless you have had the taste of it.

It’s how you respond to that rock-bottom-moment in your life that determines who you become.

               “Whatever happens, happens to all of us. But it’s what you do with what happens to you that counts.” Jim Rohn

Every time life pushes you towards a breaking point, don’t give up.

   Don’t quit.

  Don’t hide away nor run away from it.

  Embrace it.

Run toward it. And keep running even if you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with this undeniable faith that the time will come when you will see the sun shine.

You have got to put your past behind you. Life happens and it happens to everybody.

                      Get out of victim mentality.

    In life you’re faced with two primary choices — To be a victim or be the victor.

    Be The Victor.

   Choose victory over defeat. Always.

When you let go of your past, you liberate yourself from everything that has been holding you back.

You give birth to a new you.

After all new life comes from the labor. It comes from the pain. That’s mother nature. You see it everywhere and in everything around you.

For example, only when the night is the darkest, the stars are the brightest.

Only when you pull yourself to the lowest point, can you jump to the highest point.

Only when you’ve been in the deepest valley can you know how magnificent it feels to be on the highest mountain.

It’s that simple.

Turn Adversity Into Advantage
The strongest hearts have the deepest scars.

When you refuse to accept your life the way it is, when you’re determined enough to find a break through, when you’re passionate enough to make things happen no matter what, that’s when your life changes!

And it’s what you do about that feeling inside of you that will make all the difference.

                                                   “It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”Tony Robbins

  Don’t Let Go of Your Fear, RUN TOWARD IT.

Deep inside we all have thirst for happiness. Hunger for freedom. Drive to create.

            To build.

            To be empowered.

            To serve.

But all of it lies on the other side of fear.

We all have had the moments when we get right to the edge of the plane, knowing it is time to go for the gusto and jump, and we freeze at the door.

          We can’t move.

          We can’t breathe.

And the rest of the jump squad goes by, leaving us behind because of our fear.

First of all, it is totally understandable.

Going into the unknown is what we’re all afraid of. Fear is innate in each one us. It’s like mother nature.

Like a tree is made to exhale oxygen, a dog is designed to bark, a bird is meant to fly, we human beings are designed to fear.

The fear of failure incapacitates us and we become a shell of our former self.

We think that we are incapable of doing what we would like and need to do. It is a mentally induced flee response, to quit and get out of danger.

We succumb to fears. We justify our fears as to why we can’t have it by telling ourselves stories such as:

           “I’m not good enough.”

           “I’m not smart enough.”

           “I don’t have the right resources.”

           “I don’t have the money.”

          “I don’t have the time.

But the truth is we lack courage. Courage to take the leap on the other side of fear. But remember,

Your greatest life lies on the opposite side of your fear.

Going into the unknown is terrifying. Sure. But it is that leap of faith into the unknown that determines who we become.

You have to get through your fears to see the beauty on the other side. So, don’t run away from fear.

Seek fear.Let fear be your guide.

Instead of being used by fear, USE fear.

   Make fear your best friend, not foe.

It’s your guiding light. It’s your stepping stone towards your goal. Your destiny.

Next time, anything that triggers fear, make sure that you take action on that.

Speaking in public fears you? Go speak in public.

Appearing for that interview scares you? Go give that interview.

You fear making that call to your client? Go call.

Breaking free from fear doesn’t come easy. Don’t listen to what ‘they’ have to say.

When you do that you’ll see that your fear was just an illusion. It’s just a bodily sensation. It will never materialize into physical reality.

Just follow your heart and fear will suffocate to death.

 Bring Out The Greatness Within You

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson once said,

              “Greatness is not just holding a gold medal at the top of a podium. It’s about inspiring people, about sharing a message, about believing the truth.”Greatness is a journey not a destination. It’s cultivating the character that not only leads to success but helps you overcome challenges and serve others.

Do not just believe but know that you already have whatever you need to take your life to a whole new level. You already have greatness within you. All you have to do is seek it.

Activate your inner being and don’t let anybody define your limit. Your only limit is your soul.

Don’t wait for things to be perfect. Don’t wait for things to be ideal.

It will never be ideal.

Don’t wait for the right moment.

There is no such thing as “The Right Moment”.

Don’t wait for that someday to be brave.

To be be bold.

To be who you want to be.

There is NO One Day. There is NO Some Day.

The Only day is Today. The Only Moment is Right Now.

It’s time to get out of your own way and let the real you shine.

Take that first step and be The Story.

The world needs it.

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Written by Anam Tahir, Marketing Strategist at Plan9, PITB.