Startups - Cycle 5

Enables businesses to get twitter follows, facebook likes and check ins for giving free wifi access to their customers. Legitimizing likes, page shares and talking about.

noun: warp
a twist or distortion in the shape or form of something.

Warp is a contemporary fashion brand aiming to distort the fabric of fashion by making high quality, complex forms and minimalist everyday fashion accessories. 

It fuses innovative design methods with traditional craftsmanship to make smart wearable accessories for w...

A music streaming service (accessible via web and mobile) with legally licensed content. This will in essence be the Spotify for Pakistan.

Mezaaj provide all the facilities to these young and talented student fashion designers a one roof platform where these designers can learn implement and sell their dreams of becoming a brand.

Now they have built the First Fashion incubator of Pakistan (IDBS- Incubator of Designing and Business Sialkot). This incubator is state of the art place where student fashion and textile...

One-stop shop connecting Pakistani sports products manufacturers with international sellers.

Building a platform to empower a common person who aspires to write but cannot afford traditional publishing or one who has no clue about it at all.  

They also have a sister company which is Pakistan's premier publishing platform enabling writers to monetize their time, content and skills through an online market place Qissa (