Startups - Cycle 11

Exam Bites is platform providing student resources in the form of animated videos for increased understanding. We are going to work with schools to ensure that curriculum is more informative through videos.

EDxlink is an AI based assistive platform that helps students in identifying their academic weaknesses and provide suggestions based on the data insights that are being pulled in using the analysis of the progress of the students using the platform. 

Class Notes is a website providing educational resources to students for exam purposes. They are working to digitise these resources for students around the world so they can be accessed internationally. 

Edcon is a school management system that automates all the routine processes of a school with its 10 modules including online attendance management, online fee payment, academic resource center and online assignments and gradebooks. Edcon helps schools become focused on becoming more efficient and to provide quality education.

Quva is an online learning platform for students preparing standardised exams, students can attempt MCQS, take diagnostic tests, learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and watch videos to understand concepts better.

Repair Wala is a shared economy platform which provides repairing services of electronic devices and home appliances at your doorstep with a 7-day repair warranty, data security and guarantee of spare parts in just 24 hours. Moreover, repair wala also provides corporate repairing services to organizations and company on a monthly subscription basis. They also provide mobile phone/ Com...

Smart Mirror is a mirror with smart features. It displays different widgets on your daily use of mirror. The goal is to minimize delays when looking for notifications at the start of the day.

STEP (Space Technology Education and Popularization) is a space, science and technology consultancy firm aiming to empower youth and general masses with the knowledge of space science and technology.

Vswat is a virtual reality company working on a fully integrated smart clothing apparel with haptic feedback, motion capture, climate control and biometric feedback systems. They are producing a jacket with the power to affect senses and make video games more realistic.

JF Labs is an agricultural intelligence company that provides fully supported, user-friendly, drone enabled technologies and services developed exclusively for agriculture. Our solutions are designed to deliver real value for farmers, reducing crop inputs and boosting yields to increase profits.

Invotech aims to identify the daily life problems around water and helps to solve them through technology and innovation. The first in line product is called Aquaconserve and it measures and maintains water levels in households.

Zipship aims to be a global community marketplace for shoppers seeking unique, hard-to-find items around the world or simply items sold at high premium in local markets and travelers delivering these goods en route. Whether craving fresh macarons from Paris, local spices from Pakistan & India, electronics from the middle east or simply cosmetics from Europe and Americas, Zipship c...

Rearts is a technologically progressive artist representation platform and talent management company that is hosting a curated list of artist on its platform to help develop their profiles/portfolios and help in managing their engagements while also providing legal aid/media solutions and data archiving facilities.

TsquaredX is a Augmented Reality based company that is revolutionising the modern day classroom. It provides schools with futuristic AR/VR solutions which peak the interests of children by transforming their teachers into characters that they can instantly relate to and makes learning an engaging and interactive experience.

Yovo is a cloud based communication platform that aims to improve the customer experience with better communication. The focus is on making communication more simple, reliable and cost efficient.

Make a tour is a tourism promoting portal which connects authentic tour operators, low altitude/high altitude guides, porters and other similar resources travelers and adventure seekers in Pakistan.