Waqas Ahmed Ansari

Monday, March 20, 2017

I belong to a lower-middle class family with no educational background living in an underprivileged area, called Lalokhait, in Karachi. My mother, stood against all opposition and decided to get me enrolled in a school. I was a bright student and always secured 1st or 2nd position observing which my mother wanted to see me as an engineer but my grandfather wanted me to become a Hafiz e Quran. Respecting the wishes of both I decided to take it up as a challenge and joined a Madrasa but it was difficult coping with both and I left school in 7th grade. Soon after becoming a Hafiz e Quran I resumed by formal studies. I did my matriculation and intermediate with remarkable grades and got admission in the most reputable university of Karachi, NED University of Engineering and Technology.

All my life I had seen my father doing a job and working under someone. I never wanted the same for myself. To my immense pleasure I met some friends in my University who had the same mindset as mine and we decided to begin our own startup. Like every student aspiring to be an entrepreneur, I had no money to meet my expenses and so I joined a coaching center alongside. After completing my Engineering, we, the four partners, started WrapKar. I knew was not happy with this decision, but they still supported my ambitions.

Only after we stepped into the entrepreneurial world, we found out it was not an easy task. First and foremost, we faced difficulty in getting proper mentorship and guidance which is basically the core need of every startup but I never let it become my weakness and I worked hard on my own to achieve my dreams.

Whenever in my life, I face any difficulty, I think about the people who are in a situation worse than me. It always gives me strength to know that if they can strive through so many hardships, then I can do it too. I have complete trust in Allah and work hard with dedication. The most important lesson I learnt is to never lie to yourself. It will weaken your strength, distract your vision, distort your dedication and spoil your hard work.