Wajiha Ghazal

Friday, October 21, 2016

“All through my childhood I was raised with the traditional thought of becoming a doctor and be a lifesaver in the future. But I was always into gadgets and tech tools. Therefore, instead of being a boring doctor, I wanted to become a business woman even when I had no idea what a business woman exactly did. But today, if I look back, I know it’s all about hard work, passion and enthusiasm.

Starting off with zero investment, no capital and a single computer, my husband and I initiated a digital design agency Conceptbeans Pvt Ltd from scratch. With undying perseverance we eventually partnered with design agencies in USA and UK and became one of the top rated agencies on Upwork.

I am a serial entrepreneur and made headways after winning the 2015 WeCreate Challenge Cup for women entrepreneur. It was the turning point for me as it opened my mind to different prospects of entrepreneurship. Right in those days traditional classified e-commerce sites were facing a lot of issues and were being misused causing scams and frauds in the social community. Being an entrepreneur I decided to take it up as a challenge and find a way to resolve it. This is how I started Affordable.pk a startup based on shared economy and reverse commerce to help the ecosystem and empower social community towards entrepreneurship. I also hold the honor of representing Pakistani women internationally at IFC and UNICEF programs, proving the capability of Pakistani women and IT industry, both nationally and globally. What I learnt through all my experience is that no matter how farfetched your dream may be, hard work makes the impossible become possible.” – Wajiha Ghazal, Co-founder affordable.pk