Tauqir Khokhar

Friday, May 20, 2016

“Living in Wazirabad for 20 years was an experience in itself. The sight of the factories, the craftsmen working day and night and the sound of steel always intrigued me. When I returned to my hometown after completing my computer engineering, what was just a fascination to me in my childhood years became my passion. I started researching and was amazed to find out that the knives, daggers and body armors used in Hollywood movies were made in Wazirabad. The deeper I researched, the more it caught my interest. But what was heartbreaking and what compelled me to initiate my startup Damascus Marks was the fact that this is our legacy which is being sold under international brands and the untiring hard work of our Pakistani craftsmen is nowhere to be heard or seen. Thus, I started off with connecting these artisans; the makers of premium knives with collectors, hunters, campers, survivalists and enthusiasts who value and appreciate their art. In our world, such talented artisans are a rarity and my goal is to explore them and bring them together to the world of Damascus Marks.”

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