Startups - Cycle 8

Mapalytics is a technology company that provides smart 3D solutions for multiple industries. Using our customized 3D scanning tech we generate high resolution scaled 3D models. Mapalytics generates VR, AR and holographic projection content using these models. The uses include digital heritage preservation,...

NearPeer provides classrooms with a unique library of videos covering core concepts, exam prep, and other relevant topics all tailored to their specific course, professor, and syllabus. They aim to make learning easy and convenient for students by fostering peer-to-peer learning.  

An on demand shipping and transportation service. We address the problem of horribly inconvenient, overly expensive moving by providing a solution for safe and cheap shipments. Freightix is an online market place that connects you with Feedback Rated Transporter 

Clique is a working prototype of a Smart SwitchBoard system which is autonomous in controlling lights and heating/cooling appliances in our homes and is capable of making smart decisions in real-time. The Smart SwitchBoard can also be controlled through an android application or any Wi-Fi enabled device.

DIY Geeks are trying to help hobbyists, geek, nerds and makers to develop real life localized solutions and products. To achieve this goal, we have built an online circuit components shop coupled with dedicated DIY tutorials to use components that are available locally to develop products and prototypes. 

Euphoria is Pakistan AR/VR Company specializing in creating innovative Augmented and Virtual reality content for Brands not in Pakistan but also around the globally.

CampusFeed is a location-based anonymous social network that helps students discover their campus. It makes the world feel small again by giving you a feed of all the casual, relatable, heartfelt and silly things people are saying on campus. 

Cart99 delivers fresh fruits, vegetables & dairy items, including the nutritional value to each purchase through the platform.

Instasafe can lock any app on an android device using a pin, pattern or fingerprint. With additional features of setting timeouts to re-lock apps and set fake crash screen error (to prevent forceful access to an open locked app).