Shahmeer Baloch

Monday, May 30, 2016

Nowadays, I see young kids being expert users of computer but when I was 13 I was reluctant to use a computer because I had a fear of breaking it. But gradually I too give in to the temptation of this cool tech and started exploring the different dimensions it offered. I encountered many bugs in the operating system and fixing such problems was what motivated me to join an Engineering College to learn more about computers and software. During the third semester, I attended a seminar where the speaker talked on information security. I was truly inspired by him and decided I will be like him one day. I interned for him, however I didn’t learn much and realized that self-learning is the key to success and that is exactly what I did in the upcoming years, the result of which is my startup Cyphlon.

It was after 6 months of research and practical implementation, I got my first bounty of $ 100 from a renowned website. 2 years into InfoSec career, I have 300+ recognitions and have earned about $ 150,000 collectively of which $ 50000 has been donated to charity organizations. I felt the urge to help others by donating from my earnings and so I started a platform called Charity Hackers Association, the sole purpose of which was to emphasize on donations from bug bounty hunters. I strongly believe that it is my duty to help secure the cyber space of Pakistan which is why I am truly dedicated to my Cyber Security startup Cyphlon.”
– Shahmeer Baloch

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