Stage 3: Taking your idea from an MVP to live product – The Beta Stage

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The Beta stage is probably the most exciting stage of any startup. Having launched a product and out of the testing mode, this is where you really understand the impact of your innovation. Allowing consumers to test your product and to be able to introduce it in a market, is not only good for publicity, but can also help you determine the success or failure of your startup.

A lot of entrepreneurs are confused about the beta stage and often do not want to be associated with it at all, to give the impression that they are more established. But the thing to understand, is that being in the beta stage, you have room to make mistakes. It gives your customers a chance to try your product, give you honest feedback and if, there are any glitches, you can improve it without questions being raised about the authenticity of your product.

We are living in an age of startups, most of us have seen businesses appear as newbies in the market and, within years, establish themselves as successful companies. To remain relevant and to keep thriving it is essential to remain up to date with technology and to continually introduce new features, making sure your customers remain engaged.

Obviously, no startup begins with the idea that it’ll fail, but that is a possibility and should be taken seriously.

In the beta stage, you get actual feedback, the pros and cons of your product are laid out and it can help you in identifying areas which you need to improve.

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of time, building and running a startup takes a lot of effort and you don’t want to waste all that energy on something which might fizzle out, eventually.

While most entrepreneurs believe that the product they have developed is perfect, the beta stage offers a more realistic assessment and allows they to rectify their mistakes in due time.