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Fortisto Fotisto is a marketplace for Photographers and Videographers, which let's anyone hire them for any occasion. Along with it the platform provides online solution and digitization in every aspect of photography services, which escalates data sharing cycle of 4-5 months to only 20 day. The online availability of tools for searching, comparing, data sharing and paying makes the process immediate and faster.  
Cowork. Cowork aims to provide one pass and multiple spaces for all the SMEs, startups and freelancers in Pakistan with flexibility in packages for monthly space usage and booking meeting room / conference halls at ease of  a click.    
SocialBu SocialBu is built to make social media platform management easier and efficient. Through SocialBu, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can be managed under one SocialBu account reducing the hassle for switching accounts. In addition, through the automation tools, the platform allows it’s clients to automate repetitive scenarios and conversations
LIT-Learn Interact Thing
LIT is a platform with personalized, interactive English and Urdu storybooks for children complimented with an AR app which sparks the interest of children adding educational value through digitized means. 
SOT-(Solutions of Things)  
Solution of Things is an IoT Platform, working on smart city projects. The startup has launched its smartbins helping waste management companies optimize their schedules for waste pick up routes.
Maazrat is a sarcastic take on the society with a help of social media channels targeting societal issues, aiming at exploring the platforms available on web (YouTube, Facebook & Instagram) to create Pakistan’s society-specific, quality content.
Wheat Guard
Wheat Guard is an agritech application which detects wheat leaf diseases, then tell severity of that disease using Artificial Intelligence. It also tells which pesticides is used to destroy any type of pest. In short, this application is a proposed solution to the low yield problem due to mishandling.
  I am chef is a marketplace which will provide healthy home cooked food to its consumers. This application is aimed at developing a shared economy model which will provide an opportunity for everyone who is passionate to cook, and can sell on the platform as well.
E-counselling is a convenient and easily accessible mobile application that will provide mental health counselling sessions through text based service. This platform allows users to access professional psychologists at home by maintaining complete anonymity.
Guiders Guiders is a web app based platform for transport management and software tracking system. 
ArtVirsa  ArtVirsa is a digital Web/App base platform for Pakistani creative Industry. This platform will promote Pakistan Art & Culture through Film Festivals, Photography competitions with all the updates and reviews of these events. Customers can also but the tickets of any event at one place.
Cause List Diary
 It is an android application for Advocates, legal departments and law firms to manage their court cases through his cell phone. The app manages all the related legal procedure handling under a single roof.
ingrum ID Ingrum ID is revolutionizing the way we exchange contact details at networking events, as the platform connects you Instantly with anyone with the help of their Ingrum ID card and a mobile app. This is an all-purpose app for customizable sharing including the sharing of personalized social media platforms with a unique Ingrum code.