Meet Cycle 12

New startups at Plan9 ready to make their mark in the entrepreneurial world.

Thanks to a wave of innovation in the eco-system, entrepreneurs now have more options than ever for generating demand and building a healthy pipeline that converts for their business. Digital landscape of Pakistan is accelerating every day, and that’s great news for entrepreneurs. Launchpad 12 had remarkable response, witnessed amazing ideas and robust competition. Plan9 now officially have a new batch of 2018 startups at their headquarters. We would like you to review the new applications, for now let’s dig into the startups introductions and their forte:

SaaS startup, is the Pakistan's first most extensive and revolutionary venue company. It is a web-based online portal for planning, consultation and booking the complete event or venues at great prices. On other hand, it is generating employment opportunity for vendors, photographers, caterers and event managers on a large scale.



Team Hopcure is working on its product BCD (Breast Cancer Detector) is in its Research & Development phase and will be launching this innovative advance technological project to help people detect cancer at early stage. The device will be placed in hospital’s emergency room, and walk-in patients can get it tested at a very low price. It will be revolutionized the way breast cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Fantasy Mirror

Fantasy Mirror is the touch smart mirror in Pakistan that can serve as a personalized information source, a cardiac health aid, and an appliance-control interface with other IOT features. It can be customized according to the buyer’s need along with access to voice control, hand gesture control and touch interactive surface. In future, the IOT will enable a user to control all the smart home features.

ESR (Eat Sleep Repeat)

ESR (Eat Sleep Repeat) is a digital food forum to help its members find quality and economical food around. With all this user base intact (250K Facebook group members) ESR also provides marketing solutions to restaurants, by arranging activities, weekly bumper activity, food mobs to get the business running and flourishing.

Cyber Security 

Cyber Security is a team of black hat hackers pulling on the latest emerging technologies to serve its global and local clientele for their web, mobile and desktop applications. It provides a comprehensive and convenient cyber security solution to the business community, securing the values of personal and business integrity. 


Pak Karubaar 

Pak Karubaar business motto is Resell, Reuse, Reduce. It is a bridge between buyers and sellers providing payment security for sellers and product quality for buyers currently activated through Facebook with their website under construction. So if anyone has unwanted shaadi gifts or an online purchase gone wrong, can use this service for selling. 

IoT Cloudware 

IoT Cloudware team is working tirelessly to amalgamate IoT solutions through SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Accusation). It is one of the latest technology that has now been introduced in the ecosystem of Pakistan, from air washer system management to energy analyzing to security solution and installing face recognition system at industrial level. So in near future we are looking at smart home installation and advance industrial revolution through technology. 


Propergaanda is a true depiction of a quote, ‘a voice of the people, by the people, for the people!’ Youngsters who are passionate about journalism of Pakistan and are on the roadmap of becoming the voice of the youth. Content is designed where youth of Pakistan can get a fresh perspective on politics, culture, satire and entertainment with an aim of bringing a positive change in the society. 



Soulters is a company that aims to revolutionize event networking and management via mobile application. Application equip users with all of the tools and technology they need to engage event attendees in a single platform, thereby saving precious time and enabling the app users to deliver an incredible event. 

Hop Orbits

Hop Orbits is market place powered by SaaS for vendors in multiple domains where they can set up their shop through the application. It’s a cost effective modern digital solution which enables shopkeepers to get more orders via app. People who are at home and they want something from store can always order in one click.  It is currently working in Askari X (Lahore) it will soon be introduced in other housing societies and hopefully entire Pakistan. 

Qurbani App

Qurbani App is Pakistan’s application to buy and sell livestock and the first dedicated platform for qurbani lovers to share their beloved animals with the community. This app is going to facilitate the community of qurbani lovers, which ranges from peasants to feudal lords, butchers to livestock farmers and from white-collar professionals to overseas Pakistanis. 

Galaxy Lollywood

Galaxy Lollywood is a platform with Pakistan’s premiere Lollywood news and updates. It has taken a major role in the development process by disseminating entertainment to its followers. It aims to become the largest provider of authentic film news source in Pakistan. It is spread overall social media platforms, it has all the masala mashup necessary for your daily infotainment dose. 


Traverous application has over 2000 travelers. It is a social travel journal app custom built for travelers to share their travel experiences. The whole process of creating an animated video is fully automated. All you have to do is launch the app before your trip and it will save the whole journey and at the end of it and with one click upload. 



Sparktronics is an IoT based company and they are looking at various ways to save energy and their first product is Tankimatic. An automated device which can minimize the water wastage in homes by automatically turning off the machine when full and vice versa. This system will contribute greatly to eliminate the water and electricity waste at domestic level, hence beneficial at national level. 


These startups were chosen by judges based on their uniqueness, innovation, scalability, marketability, and relevance to business.  It is to believe that these new breeds of enterprises are the future of our country’s economy as they can generate employment, diversify the related industry’s service offerings, create a healthy business environment and promote inclusive growth.