Maryam Yousuf CMO Zenab Ali Creative Director

Friday, May 20, 2016

“With the right intentions, a supporting partner and a unique idea, anything is possible. All you need after this is some hard work and lots of motivation. We had the ingredients so we went ahead with creating a perfect recipe ‘The Rack Couture’, a plus size fashion clothing brand in Pakistan for the first time.
The idea came up when Zenab Ali and me (friends since past 12 years) were conversing over a cup of coffee and some brownies, complaining about the unavailability of plus size clothing in Pakistan. As it was a NEED for both us, we thought why not go ahead and create it for our own selves as well as for many other women who face the same dilemma! 
Thus, The Rack Couture was born.
It’s been 8 good months of so much love and appreciation from everyone for the effort and idea behind it. 
We are catering to something that is needed! We marketed our business by being candid and using real life, every day plus size women as our models. We showed her embracing her curves and looking naturally beautiful and comfortable in her skin and that's what we all want every woman to think like. 
We just don't want to sell clothes through our brand. Our main idea is to let go of the standards set by the society; you can be plus size and yet be very healthy. You can be XXXL and yet run 5km every day without being out of breath.”
Maryam Yousuf CMO 
Zenab Ali Creative Director .
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