Maira Chinoy

Monday, May 1, 2017

“From my grandmother to my mother and father, my entire family is very creative. They have exquisite talent and impeccable taste and being surrounded by so much creative energy, the want to create became second nature to me. I have always enjoyed redecorating my room, making picture collages, helping my mother set up our home when we moved away. It wasn’t till after university that I realized I co…uld pursue interior and product design as a career. My mother in fact pushed me to follow this dream and after pursuing a 2 years Master Degree in Interior Design from Florence, I’m actually glad she pushed me to it! It was the perfect setting to expand ones imagination and get the creative juices flowing. Upon returning to Karachi I was itching to produce things that I couldn’t find here. I wanted to provide the market with something vibrant, and unique and so I set off to making an eclectic selection of pieces including decoupage trays with images that were exciting, colorful and eye catching – decoration pieces and furniture with a twist of fun. Each piece is limited edition and one of its kind. Being very hands on, I work on all my pieces myself, and enjoy every moment of it!

My wonderful husband and in laws supported me throughout and never held me back. I travelled back and forth between Karachi and Lahore quite often for my work and feel lucky to have the support that they continue to give me till today. I worked tirelessly with my team, and launched with an exhibition in January 2013. I still have an exhibition based model; I feel it suits me as it gives me time to work on each piece.

My biggest strength remains the support of my family. Cherish the love and support you get, it is the truest kind of love and it gives you wings to fly!” Maira Chinoy Salman, Designer and CEO at Maira Chinoy Designs