Mahlaqa Shaukat and Noor-ul-Hira Shaukat

Friday, May 20, 2016

We live in an age of distractions. Having many ideas is incredible but to be successful one has to focus. I go by the words of Peter Thiel – take your project from 0-1.
AimFit was established in 2015 and offer affordable fitness classes to all demographics including men, women and kids. We introduced programs like DanceFit (a desi twist on Zumba) and HIIT. 
After our A-levels from LGS, Noor and I both enrolled in Oxford University and were poles apart academically. I opted for Engineering with Economics and Management, while Noor topped in Physics and Philosophy. I started working for Deloitte in London for two years and Noor joined R&D at a leading solar company in Lahore – we had zero inkling of what was about to begin in our lives. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine owning and running a Fitness Company. We can certainly say that this was done purely by chance and even took us by surprise! 
Being a fitness maniac in the UK, we soon realized that Pakistan had limited options when it came to group fitness classes. The options available also lacked the magic they had in London. Noor and I started teaching classes in our spare time primarily for friends. Soon after, it started getting recognized and became the wonderful AimFit project it is today. 
It was a challenge to run and expand AimFit remotely, from Dubai and London. However, we soon realized this as a blessing in disguise forcing us to institutionalize the business with strong operating procedures and performance-led culture. AimFit also provides its own instructor training program, awarding an internationally recognized certification to those who pass. We ensure to have a tight knit team working with us and to maintain a cordial relation with each employee. 
Our aim is to focus on the quality of the program and to give clients a superior experience: the rest will follow. We believe effective marketing will inject short term interest but will not guarantee repeat customers. To ensure that we have put in place multiple quality control layers which directly impact the remuneration of our instructors. 
We believe in making Pakistan the fittest nation. Growing up here, I have seen Pakistan being number 1 across five sports. With the conviction that a fit and healthy person emits a positive vibe around the environment, AimFit is driven by one simple objective – “Fit for Pakistan”
Mahlaqa Shaukat and Noor-ul-Hira Shaukat - Co-Founders AimFit — with AimFit.