Huzaiffa Ahmad

Saturday, December 8, 2018

I graduated from LUMS with a degree in Economics. However, during my second year at the university, I came to the conclusion that my academics were not my core strength. I needed to follow a path which I was passionate about.

Around that time, I came to the realization that there was a lot of food going to waste almost daily and in my neighborhood, several people would go hungry night after night because there was no food available for them. It was then that the idea of starting a food saving company came to us.

Having discussed this idea with two of my friends, with no prior knowledge about the the food industry, we kicked off this cause by making a Facebook page, RIZQ. Through this platform, we offered to pick up leftover food and deliver it to the underprivileged.

Our mobile numbers were on the page, we would go pick food in our own cars and would drop it off ourselves. We did not anticipate that RIZQ would become a social startup, we simply wanted to provide a solution to an on-going and grim problem.

The journey has been an amazing one and the response that we have had for this initiative is overwhelming. Leading restaurants, caterers and bakeries provide us with food. Even certain household are on our panel.

It has been two and a half years now, since we have been in business and what began as a small cause, has transformed into a proper organization, operational in 2 different cities. I and my co-founders, Musa and Qasim, are committed to the cause of hunger and waste eradication from Pakistan and our efforts have been fruitful.

One thing that I have learned over these years is that the key to getting anything in your life is consistency. Be focused and spend your life trying what you believe in. You may not succeed but the journey would be worth it. – Huzaiffa Ahmad, Co-Founder at RIZQ.