Hafsah Haq

Friday, July 7, 2017

“I have always followed my own mind, and truth be told, I’ve changed my idea for a career more than the bones in my body. I am passionate about so many things, it has been hard for me to tie myself down to a single thing, which is why I have learnt the art of multitasking. I took a decision pretty early on that I won’t let people’s opinions and concerns stop me from following my own path. You have to be content with yourself, and when you are, you can decide what you truly want to do.

It’s hard to find like-minded people, especially those who are actually willing to do something about passion. So, when I came across my seniors, later friends and co-founders, we clicked instantly! One common issue that we would all talk about was how exhausting it was, to search for things to buy from various places! We realized no solution was available for this and that is how Journal Post came to life.

We gathered whatever little resources we had, invested our own money and formed a team. I won’t sugarcoat it, the journey has not been an easy one. We struggled to find the right people, faced rejections and the worst thing was that none of us had any kind of technological background, so it was pretty tough. But after all that, today, Journal Post is a brilliant and handy fusion of News and e-commerce. Our vision is to provide an easier reading and buying experience for the users.

We have had setbacks but we’re resilient as heck. Being discouraged has only made us more determined. I know its super clichéd, but don’t give up. You’re going to have moments where everything seems impossible and you might even fail, but learn from that experience and get back in the game. I always say that you’re only brought down to make your way up. I’ve had my share of ups and downs in life and that’s expected, but the ‘downs’ make me value the ‘ups’. Plus, monotony is a drag. So get out there and try your hand.” – Hafsah Haq, Co-Founder, Journal Post