Give Way to the New Innovation – Plan9 Season 09

Mehak Najam
Monday, March 13, 2017

Today after 4.5 years of struggle and success we are here welcoming cycle 09 to Plan9’s incubation. It won’t be wrong to say that we have seen a major elevation in the quality of business ideas presented. It is reassuring to see that the ambitious entrepreneurs have started exploring different domains now. While some are excelling in the e-commerce and mobile apps, others are tapping into the IoT market. This time too we have got an interesting mix of startups exploring their niche and ready to pave way for themselves in the market. [gr-columns] [gr-column type=”1/2″]


Robot’s are becoming a massive help to humans in almost every area of life. In healthcare the latest in robotic technologies are helping people recover from disorders that were once considered incurable. Sahara iO is a part of this global movement. They are developing robotic exoskeletons for paralyzed people in low cost. The first product from Sahara iO is iO Alpha which caters to patients of ankle paralysis and automates physiotherapy of the ankle. Under the umbrella of Sahara iO, joint by joint, complete body exoskeleton will be developed which will enable a person, who cannot move a single limb, start leading a normal life. [/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/2″]


Who doesn’t love cute little kittens or some are even crazy about German Shepherds but catering to their daily needs is always a hassle especially when you are working alongside. Here’s where PaltooPK comes in. It aims to be Pakistan’s largest Pet Portal that provides pet products, vets and grooming services directly at your home. Not only this, they also curate Pakistani pet content. You don’t have to worry about your pets now, they are in good hands. Just reach out to PaltooPK. [/gr-column][/gr-columns] [gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/2″]


While Travly, Careem and Uber are doing great in the market of rickshaws and cars, there was a need to tap into the low economy class. Thus, HumBike came with a solution that can help these people travel with ease. HumBike is a marketplace matching motorists with customers to fuel an on demand economy. This can be a great way to avoid those long traffic jams. [/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/2″]

Journal Post

Do you ever feel that it’s a hassle to read about something on one medium and then go and buy it from another? Well, Journal Post is bringing you interactive journalism by introducing an online news portal where the audience can not only get informed about the current affairs, but they will also be able to purchase the things they want with just a single click. That’s right, all on one medium. [/gr-column][/gr-columns] [gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/2″]


Are you living far from home and you miss the delicious food your mother cooked for you? Well, that’s been sorted now. Homestove is bringing you food right from the kitchens of home-based chefs. Homestove is a platform that will connect home-based chefs to foodies in their vicinity. Watch out for this startup, for who doesn’t love good economical food. [/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/2″]


Visiting a new place but don’t know where to stay? Startup Qayaam has sorted all of that for you. Qayaam is a platform for hosts and guests to virtually meet and to help guests find accommodation at affordable rates. It’s the platform for short-term renting and is based on the concept of shared economy. You think you have a place to rent out? Visit Qayaam and check out what opportunities await. [/gr-column][/gr-columns] [gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/2″]


Are you looking to market your product through billboards or streamers and don’t know who to contact? Well, now you know. It’s is a marketplace and auction platform for ad spaces i.e. hoardings, streamers, billboards and transportation floats. It automates the buying and selling process of advertising mediums and gives more advanced matrices for measuring effects all under one click.  [/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/2″]


EdVon is another robotics startup but this one is working in the education space. Education Revolution (EDVON) in Pakistan is developing educational robots to teach robotics, programming, electronics and IOT related state-of-the-art technologies to school students in a fun and creative way. They are disrupting the conventional methods of teaching students at school. [/gr-column][/gr-columns] [gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/2″]


Another ed-tech startup incubated in Plan9’s 9th cycle is Naseem. They integrate each school’s curriculum with ICT through tablet sessions organized by their representatives. They plan to utilize the data they collect in developing a digital personal tutor for students. Easy digital learning for everyone now. [/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/2″]


Another healthcare startup; the one that won incubation through ERUPT competition is Eye-Automate. Eye-Automate uses eye tracking to navigate a menu on the screen to help the handicapped in controlling things like wheelchairs, home lighting etc. [/gr-column][/gr-columns] [gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/2″]

pakistani soghat

Multani Sohan Halwa, SharakPur’s Gulab Jamun, Khanpuri Paira and Khushaab’s Dhoda Halwa. Mouthwatering isn’t it? Pakistani Soghat shares the delightful experience of specialty foods, sweets and goods including these and much more that are traditionally famous and well-accepted throughout the country via an e-commerce platform. I know I am already crav

project 50 kids

Our kids are born in the age of technology. If that’s what they carry inspiration from, why not smartly use it for imparting knowledge. Plan9’s ed-tech startup, Project 50 Kids aims to increase critical and creative thinking in students by using technology as a tool, enabling them to self-learn and hence bridging the digital gap in the society causing economic hurdles. [


Last but not the least, we have Ticket Kataao. Through a shared economy concept, they have created a platform that generates engagement between brands and their tribe. The advertisers gain visibility, authentic engagement, the ability to target their audience and a tribe of brand enthusiasts delivering their message. They receive measurable impact through a platform that allows them to manage and track their tribe. The drivers get to make extra cash just by simply driving the way they normally do. The team is creating a new business model, which would disrupt the outdoor advertising space, creating actual conversations between advertisers and consumers. [/gr-column][gr-column type=”1/2″]

shimshal Adventure Shop

Looking to go out on an adventure trip but don’t know where to start from? Well, start with Shimshal Adventure shop. It is a one stop shop for hiking, camping and adventure equipment. They sell the equipment to climber, hikers, trekkers and travelers. They have an online e-commerce store and a physical outlet in Lahore. Their products include camping tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, trekking/hiking shoes, mountain climbing gear, trekking poles, camping lights, day packs, climbing ropes, camping stoves and many other adventure equipment. All that you need at one place. What are you waiting for then? Plan your adventure trip right now![/gr-column][/gr-columns] [gr-columns][gr-column type=”1/2″]


This time around we have 3 startups working in the healthcare domain. One of them is Neurostic that is trying to help doctors diagnose movement disorders by providing them with a decision support algorithm. The patients of Parkinson disease can surely benefit a lot from this. [/gr-column][/gr-columns]

All this and much more awaits in the upcoming 6 months of incubation. Stay tuned and we shall keep you posted.