Fatima Zaman

Friday, December 23, 2016

“Being a student of art at BNU and of Fresco at NCA under Master Naqqash Ustaad Saif Ur Rahman, I wanted to utilize the energy in creating aesthetically pleasing objects with the language of the traditional arts. All the products created, whether it is a piece of furniture that needs to be restored or a cheese platter that has to be created, are created with motifs and language that come from our subcontinent roots.

When the creative energy swirling within me had reached a boiling point, I knew it was the right time to start. With 2 little boys and another bundle of joy on the way, I jumped into the process of giving life to Koi – taking every challenge and obstacle on the way with a pinch of salt and a smile, knowing that I was learning and becoming a part of something undeniably beautiful and timeless. With the support of my husband, children and family, Koi made its debut at the 2016 Daachi festival; with thanks and gratitude to the indomitable Ayesha Noorani.

Koi is a fish that is symbolic of a powerful and energetic life force. This is demonstrated by its ability to swim against currents. The seed for Koi was planted after I graduated in 2007 and was left to gestate and sprout as I accumulated life experiences and exposure to the beauty of the world and our proud artistic heritage. Koi home is a project that started in 2016 with a vision to create artisanal pieces for the home with master craftsmen from all over Pakistan. The idea is to initiate a visual dialogue between the Ustaads and people who love to adorn themselves and their homes with artifacts that embody the language of our traditional arts and culture. This is only the beginning of the journey but the idea is to create awareness of how beautiful our own country is and of all the possibilities that it has to offer.“ Fatima Waleed Zaman, Founder at Koi Home.