Tooba Shams
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

“The thing with entrepreneurships is that it's a risky business which is why most people are afraid to get into it. However, in my case, my friend who was in the concrete business inspired me and his trustworthiness made me start this business. Eventually, I realized that there is no such thing like fear if your idea is unique and smartly executed. Sana and I started with basic R&D about the types of concrete, durability and what will make a plant last longer. In Pakistan, we don’t have a trend of indoor plants, so we knew that the design of the product will help us in building amazing products. GreyScale is a passion project; we provide variety of concrete products with indoor greens. During the first year, we introduced 15 to 20 designs. We’ve only used social media for marketing purposes and it has been a great helpnas we were able to sell a few hundreds of them. With time, we realized that there is so much that can be done. Now we have more than 120 designs, including clocks and other decorative items and last but not the least, we also do interiors for offices. We never thought that we would grow this big in so little time. Our priority has always been the quality of design - the neatness, the attention to detail and the love for plants. In short, GreyScale is a labor of love. There are five things that we have learnt from our journey of GreyScale that anyone who wants to get into this business can follow. Start simple, don’t give up and if you ever feel this is not going to work, you’re not alone; you’ve got some time to play around with the concrete, but don’t wait too long and lastly, have fun. The market always makes room for the creativity regardless of what a product is. We now have clients from countless cities! So we have our hands full with the productions and orders at the moment. In future, we plan on opening one of a kind stores with a wide range of concrete products.” Attique and Sana - Founders Grey Scale