Nabil Ashraf

I’ve craved innovation almost all my life! As a child, I remember, I would always play around with stuff and try to come up with things of my own. I’ve had a great passion for tech since we had our first PC at home. Those were the days of Windows 98 and dial-up connection. As I grew older my passion for technology got stronger and deeper. I’d always be exploring new pieces of software. I used to call myself a “tech-explorer”. As a teenager I fancied robots, Artificial Intelligence and how smoothly they integrate with our daily lives.

Aamir Rashid

“Born and raised in a family of businessmen, I always had a knack for entrepreneurship. My first venture was in High School when a couple of friends and I started a magazine on our own. Only one issue ever came out though, but it was my first crusade in the world of business.

Shahmeer Baloch

Nowadays, I see young kids being expert users of computer but when I was 13 I was reluctant to use a computer because I had a fear of breaking it. But gradually I too give in to the temptation of this cool tech and started exploring the different dimensions it offered. I encountered many bugs in the operating system and fixing such problems was what motivated me to join an Engineering College to learn more about computers and software. During the third semester, I attended a seminar where the speaker talked on information security.

Talaal Burny

It has been a bumpy entrepreneurial road. It was blood, sweat and tears all the way. Today people enjoy Travly‘s service. They love (and partially hate) the content we share on social media. It looks like a happy go lucky story, but it never was. The hard part was finding a mentor/investor that aligns with our vision and brings real value to the team. Gladly we found our ace at the right time.  Motivation? Well, motivation was never a problem for us. We have always been fueled with passion.

Ali Ahsan

A few years ago, I was working at a late stage startup called Okta in San Francisco. The startup itself was doing exceptionally well, but in the midst of everyone else’s success I felt like I wasn’t moving forward with my career or my life. One day, someone I knew called me in for an interview to potentially join a new company. It wasn’t much of an interview as much as me being told about what a great opportunity the new company was and how large was the financial package they were offering.

Abdul Wasay

With less than 6 months left in my graduation, unlike any other student the fear of unemployment did not take over me. The only thing that seemed logical then was, why run after jobs when you can create them? Instead of going with the flow, I planned to create waves!