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Sadia Saleem

“A lot of people ask me, why I started Azauj. I smile and tell them that it makes business sense for X or Y reasons, but today I’ll tell the entire story. It all started when my traditional yet progressive parents sought the services of matchmakers for me. At that time, I had no objections and followed suit. The matchmakers made me sit through uncomfortable meetings which could have been avoided, had they taken care of my credentials and requirements. I used to wonder how base and humiliating this entire procedure was.

Rameeza Moin

I’m an educationalist and have worked in this field for 15 years. I remember, once on a school trip, we stopped at a Dhaba (roadside restaurant). There came a little kid selling boiled eggs. He was hardly 5 years old, skinny kid, breathing heavily, with a runny nose, wearing ragged clothes and a torn sandal in a cold weather. Upon enquiry, I came to know that the kid has a hole in his heart, sinc…e birth. I asked his father who was also working there, “Why are you letting him work when he is sick?” His reply shocked me ‘baji kiya karun, kharcha pura karna hai.

Humayun Haroon

“When I was introduced to freelancing by my present Co-founder Khalid back in GIKI days, I never really gave much thought to this idea. As every other graduate, the fear of not getting a job right after graduation started setting in and I took up one of the job offers that I got, as an iOS developer in a software house. I always believed leaving a well-paid job and pursuing freelancing alone, was not my thing. However, fate has its own strange ways and I was left with no other option but to go for freelancing when I had a severe accident and was bedridden for almost a year.

Reema Siddiqi

My entire life ever since I shifted to Lahore, 15 years ago has been a struggle. From wanting to get into NCA but ending up studying fashion at PIFD, to being dropped out due to grades and eventually landing at NCA studying animation. My life has been a roller coaster ride and this was just the beginning. The course at NCA ended in 6 months and I pursued my bachelors and masters from Punjab Unive…rsity in Textile Designing following which I had my fair share of securing different jobs back to back.

Sahr Said

“You, me and everybody else reading this wants to look beautiful and stunning in our everyday routine, no matter what it takes.

Wajiha Ghazal

“All through my childhood I was raised with the traditional thought of becoming a doctor and be a lifesaver in the future. But I was always into gadgets and tech tools. Therefore, instead of being a boring doctor, I wanted to become a business woman even when I had no idea what a business woman exactly did. But today, if I look back, I know it’s all about hard work, passion and enthusiasm.

Aisha Sajid

It all started when 2 years back, I happened to visit the bazaars of the walled city of Lahore and small workshops (addas) where these talented shoe craftsmen were making local kola puris. It was then when it occurred to me that Pakistan has got so much talented and experienced craftsmen but they are not experimenting with their skills and they are not acknowledged globally for the kind of talent they possess.

Raza Ahmed

“I started my journey as an entrepreneur without a mapped out plan, initially. I had come back from College in Canada, and joined a troubled division of one of our family business. After some failed attempts to revamp the business model, I decided to move on in life and do something which I really enjoyed and something that could keep me going in life. I had never thought of getting into the restaurant business before but since I was very particular about what I ate and how I wanted my food at every meal, the decision to get into this business seemed like destiny.

Ahmed Khalid

“It’s not entirely abnormal to fantasize about cars and dwell in their manufacture and working like an utter lunatic. Well, to a minor it may sound weird, but to some people ‘cars’ is an entire religion to which I too am a staunch believer of. During my under-grad days, I along with a couple of my classmates convinced our advisor to let us work on a product which could relay data from the instrumentation panel of the vehicle to a computer. Since I didn’t have a car we started working on analog to digital convertors to get data on a computer.

Abdul Ghaffar

“When someone would ask what I wanted to become, I always said ‘Astronaut’. Throughout my education, I worked towards achieving this goal with complete determination. Only after my graduation, when I was rejected admission in Masters in Space Sciences, was I hit with the reality, coupled with another shock the same day that Pluto was no longer considered a planet. I clearly remember, I didn’t sleep that night and the very next day I set out to make that last effort with regards to my admission.