Azad Chaiwala

Tooba Shams
Monday, January 20, 2020


Everyone has one superpower with which they can achieve anything and that superpower is ‘determination’. I believe that my focus towards my vision has made everything possible for me. My vision is to spread skills to the masses in order to empower them which will result in monetary stabilization in Pakistan. When I started working on my idea, I had no money or guidance but only ‘determination’. Azad Chaiwala is a snowball effect as more and more people learn skills and get empowered, the inspiration spreads.

I consider myself an entrepreneur; I started young, hustled a lot, bootstrapped through gaming and now Alhamdulilah I am in the growth stage. I am not a college graduate; but I fully understand how to make a major impact in Pakistan, as my main focus remains middle class (those who spend lakhs on education). I am British by nationality and Pakistani by heart.

When I first thought of Azad Chaiwala Institute, I knew I have to build a community and that can only happen through YouTube. So I started off with uploading videos on my YouTube channel, started a forum to reach various likeminded people and then launched the Azad Chaiwala Institute. The response was great and now as we are growing due to the effort that I have put in with my team, the future is bright.

One thing that was clear to me in the Chaiwala venture as an entrepreneur in Pakistan was the shortage of skills. In my determination to change the dire situation, I decided to shut down all the institutes and the last one was shut down on 31st December 2019. On 1st January 2020, an enormous institute was opened where I am now managing everything from.

I have made so many videos about becoming a millionaire with as little amount as ten thousand rupees. I believe that if someone can double ten thousand rupees with minimum resources and by utilizing selling techniques, they are a true businessman. Simply put, I don’t support the idea of starting a business with a lot of money without testing the skill of entrepreneurship. In short, start out with a small amount and fail small to rise up higher. Money does not matter to become a millionaire, attitude does. - Azad Chaiwala Founder Azad Chaiwala Institute