Aamir Rashid

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

“Born and raised in a family of businessmen, I always had a knack for entrepreneurship. My first venture was in High School when a couple of friends and I started a magazine on our own. Only one issue ever came out though, but it was my first crusade in the world of business.

Later in life I decided to pursue engineering, which I soon regretted because I was under the false pretense that given my innate sense of business and my thirst for hard sciences, I’ll be able to channel my efforts in creating economically sustainable technology. However, that’s not the reality. After wasting more than 2 years, I realized that there is a need for a platform that helps students like me to choose a relevant educational platform followed by a career path. So I came up with Uninama, an education network that connects students, institutes and the alumni on a social networking platform.

However, being an entrepreneur is not an easy ride. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned and the most important one too, is ‘Don’t fall in love with your idea’. This is one of the major mistakes many entrepreneurs make. They go nuts about their startup to the point that they can’t handle any sort of criticism towards it. I too went through the same phase when I wouldn’t listen one negative comment about my startup. But that’s not how things work. It’s only after harsh criticism and feedback you get to improve your startup.

I moved from Rawalpindi to Lahore to pursue my startup and after years of hard work, it is finally paying off. We are launching soon, and our marketing campaigns are getting wonderful response from the crowds.” -Aamir Rashid, Co-founder Uninama