Sahar Razi

Friday, March 22, 2019

“Putting eyelash extensions on someone requires the precision of an artist. I combined my art degree with my passion for makeup and decided to open up an eyelash extension salon. Before I moved to Pakistan I was living and working in Dubai. I had a full- time job but I never enjoyed working in an office and wanted to do something else. In my last year in Dubai I started working as a freelance makeup artist so when I moved to Pakistan I knew I wanted to work in the beauty industry. I have always been fond of eyelash extensions but it was a surprise that no one in Pakistan was offering this service. 
I started alone from 8 appointments in a month to 4 appointments every day and 3 employees. More than earning money I concentrated on the quality of my work which made me stand out in the market. One thing that has worked for me is word of mouth and a few PR stunts. I also like to test new things and stay ahead in the business so along with the whole eyelash extension menu, I introduced micro blading recently and I am getting a very good response.
Running a business is hectic; from building relationships with clients to maintaining quality and employees, but it is exciting too. I have seen an influx of lash parlors all across Pakistan in recent times but I feel that a parlor giving eyelash extension as one of the many services versus an eyelash exclusive salon is a Unique Selling Point that we have. 
For me it all comes down to the fact that lashes are an extension of your natural beauty; your make-up time is cut down in half and you are ready to head out the door 24/7. In the coming years I want Getlashed to grow even bigger and hopefully become a brand name in the beauty industry.” Sahar Razi, CEO Getlashed With Sahar Razi