Saturday, June 22, 2019

They say behind every successful daughter there is a truly amazing dad. Mehmil is a passion project; we are a father daughter duo that aims to make your space aesthetically alluring with our pieces, be it your home, workplace or an event. I am a marketing graduate and my father is an art enthusiast. This venture was the amalgamation of the undeniable love I have for my motherland and the desire to have locally produced arts and crafts, reach international standards. Looking at the current space we would often wonder why Pakistan, a land of immense talent and creativity, is lagging behind. We saw an opportunity disguised as a challenge and took it. It’s been two years since we started but some of our pieces owe their genesis to the life-long collection of artifacts, décor-items and statues by my father and other members of my family.
Although two years aren’t enough to gauge our success but we can proudly say that we have built a loyal customer base. My advice to people venturing out into the art business is to conduct ample market research before launching products which could prevent substantial losses of valuable investment. And although the business of selling arts and crafts has an obvious element of profit in it; it cannot succeed without genuine appreciation of what art truly is.
As far as struggles are concerned I have dealt with them with the love I have for what I do, adaptability and my ability to keep a team of professionals intact. I don’t know where Mehmil will stand in five years but I am hopeful it will be a trend setter in its field paving the path for many to follow. Shoaib bin Aziz and Rida Shoaib Founders Mehmil