Maida Azmat

Friday, May 20, 2016

Like every other student I was keen to work for a renowned organization after completing my Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. I joined Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) as Designer’s Relation Manager and after three years I was Consultant for PFDC. During my time in PFDC I focused on building my network in the media industry. One major learning that I had from my time working there was feedback about PR agencies. The positives made me realize that it’s not hard for one to work in the said industry and the negatives made me think that professionalism was key. This very realization was a turning point in my life and laid the foundation of MINT PR and Image Consultancy.
Mint PR and Image Consultancy is a national multi-disciplinary communications leader and provides strategic public relations & image consultancy services to clients across various commercial sectors. They offer bespoke services to individuals and institutions depending on their publicity needs. Each client is offered strategies and solutions in line with their brand philosophy and targets.
For me personally, the transition of becoming an entrepreneur from employee was a quick one. The moment I took the decision that I did, I knew that I would give my heart and soul to this new startup in my life. I still remember all events; from my first client, to hiring my very first employee, to signing the lease for my office. Diving into this new adventure, I knew that I had to define my work ethics and stand by them come hell or high water. I feel this has helped me immensely as I managed to surpass all the challenges that I faced during my entrepreneurial journey till today. 
Being part of the PR industry over these years has made me realize that there is a major gap between PR entities and people. My motivation to start my own PR business stemmed from the need to connect businesses with talent and create a platform for people to get better exposure through collaborations. 
My message to readers out there, however clichéd it may sound, would be to just keep holding on to your goals and work endlessly towards them. There are infinite opportunities out there to help you achieve what you aim for so giving up should never be a choice. It feels very scary to take that final plunge to start something of your own but if you are dedicated enough, you can get out there and conquer the world! - Maida Azmat