Tooba Shams
Friday, February 26, 2021

“I am a foodie and to be honest, I never thought that I will be selling desserts in my life, until I came to Pakistan from UK and found an opportunity to fill the gap in dessert industry. I shared my travel experiences and started documenting my dessert adventures in the form of a scrapbook and share them with my family and friends over social media. My circle appreciated my work and encouraged me to take the plunge and start my own home-based business.
I started Myne’s Cakery with limited resources and focused on the taste, I was handling everything on my own from buying ingredients to baking to client handling. We all have seen a trend in food industry, there was a time when waffles were a thing, then fondant cakes and cupcakes. So I started with fusion technique of making buttercream cakes with minimum fondant and kept doing baking. Everything took off when I stepped into ice cream. Dairy and customized ice cream was not in the market at that time.

Myne's Cakery is offering rich creamy desserts to give a memorable experience to my customers. Our product line has grown from 10 flavors of ice cream to over 50plus flavors and we supply our products to two cafes in Lahore. We are also doing wedding events and dessert tables with customized options of desserts. When I started Myne's cakery, I used free mediums of marketing such as Facebook and Instagram. As I am managing all the operational activities of my business, making me a jack of all trades, I read a lot to keep myself updated with the latest trends in marketing. Marketing research is very important for running a successful home-based business.

I did not limit myself to cooking only. I am a self-taught baker and I always had the enthusiasm of giving back to our society. I regularly conduct classes where I teach what I have learned so far and have been invited as a public speaker where I share my practical tips about running a successful business and entrepreneurship. Writing a cookbook is my goal for years to come where I want to share my journey and my struggles. Being the face of your brand and sharing your daily routine at work helps you build trust with your customers.” Mehreen Butt CEO Myne’s Cakery Myne's Cakery