HealthTech: Why we need to pay attention

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Health and fitness are the top priorities of the world we are living in; add to that the tech component and you are immediately connected to a world of people, looking for help.

Approximately 2.32 billion people will be smartphone users by the end of 2017 and this number will only increase in the future. This statistic provides an insight into the near future, when most of us will be operating almost everything through our phones.

Smart life, smart choices
Despite the fact that there is a strong consensus on technology affecting healthy life choices, latest apps as well as emergence of HealthTech is negating this idea. Where fitness is concerned, apps like Fitbit, Fitness pal and Endomondo provide users with not only the help which they require to become or remain fit but also provide motivation to follow a healthy lifestyle. These apps offer expert advice, as well as a proper plan which any individual can follow and customize according to their needs.

Healthcare hardware
Companies are producing electronic wearables and most of us have already seen electronic equipment like BP apparatus, thermometer and diabetes through which patients are able to keep a check on their health without having to go to the doctor every other day.

Smart devices are being created to help patients who cannot see or walk, which makes lives easier for the patients. Software created to make these devices operational are quite sought after and an incredible idea to begin a startup.

Now, HealthTech is taking another step forward, medical assistance is now available online, more and more startups have realized this void that exists between patients and doctors and they are coming up with various solutions. Even though this trend has just begun, it has made a difference in the lives of people. Being connected to your doctor via an app and having access to all kinds of medical help is nothing short of amazing.

Who can run a healthcare startup?
Most entrepreneurs, who venture into this vertical, are either from the field of medicine or they find doctors who can help them. It starts with identifying an issue in the society and then providing help for that cause. Online consultation is quite common these days and has proved increasingly helpful for patients who are unable to take time off or are medically unfit to travel. This saves everyone time and patients are able to get the necessary help immediately instead of putting it off.

Through HealthTech, entrepreneurs will be bringing professional help to the patients instead of them having to seek it out. Since it’s new, this vertical will take time to become popular as the patients have to really trust the doctors available remotely to entrust them with their health.

Latest from the HealthTech world
Another thing which seems to be getting popular in this domain are smart devices through which medicines can be administrated without a doctor present. The software present in these devices can be customized according to the needs of a patient.

While internationally various startups have already made it big, Pakistan isn’t far behind either. Our startups are not only bridging the gap between doctors and patients, they are also creating smart medical devices which will be accessible to people at affordable prices!

It’s time for our healthcare system to got acquainted with tech!