Tooba Shams
Saturday, January 9, 2021

“Growing up, I loved playing sports and it has played a major role in how I look at the world. Plan, play hard and win is my strategy in life and this is what I have learned from playing sports. Coming from a educationally privileged background, my parents were always focused on giving us a quality education. We did not inherit a lot of money and nothing was handed over to us. We had to work for everything which made the importance of hard work very clear in my mind.
I had prior experience of working in the PR industry and Hira had experience in the fashion industry for 3-4 years before we got into this business. We only had savings of 100K to 150K from our salaries but the competitive advantage that worked for us is the network that I had built over the years working in the industry.

We started our journey with Hira Ali Studios three years ago, which is a contemporary bridal fashion brand. Two years later, we expanded into Hira Ali Beauty and now we have launched our first Spa & Salon in Lahore named IRIS.
I like facing challenges and I can quickly get bored. So I don't believe in detailed long-term planning. Yes, set long term goals but with so many factors that one can not control it's futile to have plans set in stone for the next 5 years. My advice would be to master the short term and the long term will take care of it self.

When you start something new, you will always meet people who will tell you that the probability of success is very low. Don't listen to them. Just do what you want to do and learn from your failures rather than not doing anything at all. People make plans and procrastinate about their business ideas, execution is the key to any successful venture. To execute more and plan smart.” Humza Zafar Khan CEO Hira Ali Enterprise.