Cycle 7

Stratup Logo Startup Name Idea Briefs is a marketplace of qualified pre-owned items for buyer and seller of social community. has modified traditional online classified business model where seller can consign to them or at his own place and earn money by turning his closet into cash.
Azauj Azauj is a combination of human, and algorithmic match making. Based on the attributes, Azauj match making algorithm will provide a list of matches ranked according to their percentage matching to each candidate.
Damascus Marks Damascus Marks is bringing the ancient but still useful craft of Damascus knives with a brand new appearance on electronic media. We empower professionals from any field to create their own online presence exactly the way they want, through our very unique easy to use web development platform that anybody with basic computer skills can do.
Skadana Skadana provides a platform for emerging Electronic dance music producers and artists to publicize and market their work effectively.
Uninama  Uninama is proposed to be an online education network that would enable the students to log on and connect with their peers and other students from around the country. Uninama aims to be a strictly professional platform to help the students getting the information they require.

Project Cyphlon is an idea which will focus on the provision of initial Information Security services to the Cyber space of Pakistan. It is an idea of a free initial testing service to let the Pakistani websites owners know about their vulnerabilities that are present in them and provide a quotation for further testing.


Car Chabi Car Chabi is a kit, once connected to any car allows the user to lock/unlock, start, secure and turn AC/heater on directly from any Smartphone within a range of 100 feet.