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Cycle 5

Startup logo Startup Name  Idea Briefs 
Bookworm A geo-location based utility smart phone app whereby users could swap their books without incurring any cost. This will solve the issue of expensive book acquisition and provide book-buying alternative to the masses and sales expansion to cottage industry book-sellers.
Dastaan Building a platform to empower a common person who aspires to write but cannot afford traditional publishing or one who has no clue about it at all.  
Extregy One-stop shop connecting Pakistani sports products manufacturers with international sellers.
Hajj guider A smart tech solution to facilitate Hajj pilgrims in the form of a wearable geo-location based device that links to a mobile app.

An online retail store showcasing designer wear produced by fresh graduates and indie brands. 

Patari A music streaming service (accessible via web and mobile) with legally licensed content. This will in essence be the Spotify for Pakistan.
Smag Developing the world’s first Smart Handbag for women.
Wi-fi Gen Enables businesses to get twitter follows, facebook likes and check ins for giving free wifi access to their customers. Legitimizing likes, page shares and talking about.