Cycle 10

Startup Logo Startup Name Idea Briefs 
Infuzon tech Infuzon Tech will be providing hospitals with, locally manufactured and affordable, infusion pumps to be used in general wards.
Noerric NoErric’s product can reduce errors in cricket. Their device that can detect no-ball, stumped wicket and run outs with minimum alterations required on field 
Bag Adverts BagAdverts is a lifestyle brand that aims to add value to people’s lives and at the same time transform the advertising industry. They will be marketing brands by providing environment friendly plastic bags to various shopkeepers.
Her Ground Her Ground’ is a fast growing subscription for women sanitary pads which delivers 90-day supply of branded sanitary pads (Always) for PKR 450. ‘Her Ground’ is spreading awareness on the importance of hygienic products but also focus on making it easily accessible for women.
Nazdeeq Nazdeeq is an ecommerce technology company that provides emerging markets with a direct access to buy from international online stores that do not operate in their geographies.
 RadarView 360 Radarview360 has developed a product named RadarView360. It is complete Field Staff Management Solution, designed to help businesses serve their customers the best way. 
Brain Games Brain Games develops educational games for school and colleges. Students will be taught different difficult concepts with games in virtual reality and teachers will be able to evaluate students on the basis of their performance in these games. These games will be available on mobile phones too.