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February 3, 2015
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Patari contains the biggest Pakistani music collection ever

Pakistani music and the artists are getting immense popularity not only within the confines of our country, but are also greatly appreciated and adored throughout the world, all thanks to the brilliant artists working here.

Pakistani music

However, Pakistani music is difficult to catch for the audiences as there is no way to find all the songs of an artist in one place, and most of the artists don’t even maintain their fan pages.

To solve this problem, a startup team finally took a step under Plan9 by PITB. It put a lot of efforts, collected all the Pakistani music, organized it and has finally made a mobile application that assembles it all in one place.

The name of this revolutionary platform for discovering and streaming Pakistani music is Patari.

While talking about the name of the application, the startup team told More Magazine that Patari is basically a snake charmer’s basket so the idea is that Patari will be people’s container of entertainment. They will be able to derive all the Pakistani songs out of it. It has an element of mystery and you never know what is going to come out of Patari.

Patari will be a Spotify for Pakistan. Khalid Bajwa, the co-founder of this music app described that Patari will be the music streaming application for Pakistani audiences. He also bragged that it contains the biggest collection of Pakistani music ever assembled.

People download hundreds of songs today from torrent sites which is illegal and the artists who put countless efforts in producing a song, doesn’t make money out of it. So the idea behind this project is to make a legal platform and enable the artists to make money and also promote their produced music.

The team of Patari consists of journalists and musicians and they are putting up playlists in Patari application according to moods, occasions, gener, rock and stuff like that, so that if one doesn’t have much knowledge of Pakistani music, this is where he could go to keep up with.

There are so many artists who are making amazing music but public don’t get to hear their songs and this is also common for established musicians because their music is buried deep in sound cloud.

The team was of the view that if we owe a platform like Patari, musicians can push their music to the users and the users can access that music very easily.

Patari is an app for the web, iPad as well as mobile and will be available for free soon. Though it will offer premium subscriptions as well as freemium subscriptions. If the users don’t want to pay, they will still be able to play media but they will hear ads.

The artists will get to make money with this because a portion of the revenue will go to them. Some share will go to the labors off course.

The team of Patari has assembled a lot of the data from the labors and some from the artists and they are also asking the musicians that we have got your music and ask their permissions to put it up.

Initially, the app is for streaming only but it will be offering downloads later on.

The beta version of Patari will be rolling out in few days and will be publicly launched within 1 to 2 months.

The team was of the view that they have made this application in an interesting way and this has never happened before in Pakistan. And, if a user follows a playlist or artist in the app, he will be getting a notification whenever a new song will be uploaded in that category.

Patari will also be a good platform for the new artists and will allow them to upload their songs on this platform that will be featured in the playlist. Patari will also contain a sponsored playlists as well.

The new songs will be selected by the editorial team and then according to the public feedback, if the public will be liking a song of a new artist and the singer, the song will be able to get more prominence in the app.

The team of Patari seemed fully confident regarding this new project and is hoping that Patari will be a game changer for the Pakistani music industry.

This article was originally published in More Magazine:

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