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December 28, 2017
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February 1, 2018

Maria Rana

It all started with a dream – to be a change-agent and help women liberate themselves.

I always wanted to do something big, inspiring and life-changing. What exactly? I had no clue. I just knew that I was meant for more. I was meant to do great things and change lives along the way. It wasn’t easy admitting it though, considering my reality and where I was.

Being a village girl and belonging to a family where there is no concept of working women, ambitions or goals, my options to do something extraordinary were limited. I wasn’t allowed to go for a regular 9-5 job neither did I have the freedom or the financial independence to start my own business or even a passion project, leaving me with only 2 options.

1. Give up on my dreams, do nothing and wait around for a “perfect match”, secretly hoping to pursue my dreams after marriage, only if I’m lucky enough to get permission to do so.

2. Start with what I had, from where I was, doing what I could.

And guess what?
I chose the latter.

With a painfully slow laptop, a lousy internet connection and a million dreams by my side, I started my entrepreneurial journey 3 years ago in my store-room. Being hopelessly in love with art and literature, I always had a way with words, so naturally, I decided to monetize my writing plus rad research skills as a content writer.

Has it been a smooth ride ever since? Hell no!
I got scammed, deceived and belittled more times than I’d like to admit. But I had my eyes set on my vision – the vision to be a change-agent and help women liberate themselves, liberating myself in the process.

Today I’m proudly working with clients around the globe as a Brand Consultant, Business Strategist and Conversion Copywriter, helping women entrepreneurs honor their truth, embrace their stories and create high-income & high-impact personal brands.

As amazing as it feels to serve an international clientele, I’ve always been obsessed with giving back to my country and bringing about a positive change in our society by helping women dream big, realize their potential, and create a better reality for themselves and their loved ones.

Hence, The 1% Collective was born this December – A safe space to inspire, empower and support women to crush it in the freelance and business arena through carefully designed workshops, trainings, and events. The 1% Collective is for the dreamer, the visionary, the nonconformist who wants to change the world.

One of the things that makes me different from 99% is that I’m willing to take chances on the things that don’t make sense in that moment. That’s something only 1% of the people do. We have fears and insecurities which hinder our success. The fear of failing and wasting our time on things which might not work out but what if you succeed and it all works out just like you’d dreamt?

Your limitations don’t have to become your reality, your circumstances don’t have to become your reality and other people’s opinion of you certainly doesn’t have to become your reality. You can shape your own truth and create a better life for yourself. The most important questions is, will you?” – Maria Rana, Founder at The 1% Collective

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