The City of Austin's global Startup exchange program in partnership with the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce and Information Technology University

ATX+PAK is a 3 weeks fully funded exchange program designed for Pakistani entrepreneurs initiated in January 2016. Plan9 partnered with the U.S State Department and City of Austin, to facilitate this program. We as the local partner scout for quality startups in Pakistan whereas Greater Austin Asian Chambers (GAACC) manages operations in Austin.
This program aims at connecting vibrant Pakistani entrepreneurs to mentors, business/strategic partners and investors based in Austin. The program intends to provide exposure to startups enabling them to think in a global dimension and scale their businesses accordingly.
On the other hand, AT+PAK program’s purpose was to introduce Austin based entrepreneurs and accelerators to opportunities in Pakistan, provide access for Pakistani startups to funders and mentors, as well as provide a platform for collaboration and joint talent development between Austin and Pakistan.
The Pakistani startups selected for the program travel to Austin on a fully funded trip for training, exposure and mentorship. Each training culminates in a pitching event to Austin investors.


Professional mentors in Austin will add numerous value to your startup with their domain specific experience and industrial know-how.
Interaction with the entrepreneurs residing in Austin will help you build relationship and contacts that may lead to prospective partnerships.
 You get an opportunity to closely look at the startup culture of Austin by attending entrepreneurial events and visiting different incubators and accelerators.
 Network and connection with interested investors in Austin may lead to potential investment in your startup.
 3 weeks of fully funded and equipped work space in the city of Austin.
 Startups get an opportunity to come out of their shell and open up to a global perspective and learn how to scale their business.
* Please Note:
 Plan9 is an equal opportunity platform.
 Eligibility, selection and acceptance varies from university to university, but in general only those with feasible business ideas and a workable business plan are inducted the incubator.


Startup should have a functional technology based product/service.
It should be globally scalable.
 Startup should be at least Generating Revenue or have Strong User Base.